Sunday Matinee: Consciousness- A Convo with Deepak Chopra and Stuart Hameroff

Ni hao Jedi Masters!

Lemme see if I can amuse you a bit before you get to the good stuff.  It’s thrilling that the inhabitant tends to a cordial disposition this morning so I’ll capitalize.  Guess we’ll chalk to up to Solstice energy.  When not seeking an archery lesson from the Lord of Ayodhya himself, as you folks probably know I enjoy lectures on a variety of subjects. What can I say, the different inhabitants have different interests. Lol

There’s a look of consternation on the face of the therapists, so lemme clarify – though the inhabitants are many, the knower of the inhabitants is one and the same.

Somewhere I learned that the faculty of discrimination by which the entire electro-magnetic spectrum, or the universal fabric of reality is understood, cannot be located anywhere on the entire spectrum of wavelengths.  Essentially, there are no signals for consciousness, none, zero, zip. There is absolutely no methodology by which you can test or know that you are aware of the fact that you are reading the musings of a bar-stool philosophizer with a number in his name.  Notice the subtlety; you can test that you are reading by resonance imaging, but not the fact that you know that you are reading. If you’ve come across contrary evidence or info on this, by all means please share the wealth.

Whether a person is conscious is testable but not his awareness of the fact that he is conscious. Similarly, while the rods and cones of an animal’s eye may be activated, you cannot test whether it’s aware of the information processed by its brain. Here’s one for later, how about a garage door opener? Once your clicker “wakes” it with an electro-magnetic yell, you CANNOT test that it doesn’t “know” the garage door needs to be opened.  I know, I know, “H3nry I think you had one brownie too many!” True dat, but on a fundamental level though, I’ve retained validity. The jury’s still out on sanity but we’ll keep that between us.

Quick bit before I let you go.  Benjamin Whorf provided the best definition of objectifying that I’ve come across, so as my old man would say, let’s not re-invent the wheel.  He defined objectifying as “imaginatively spatializing quantities and potentials that are quite non-spatial” and I think this an important qualification to raise.  The point I want to convey when listening to these lectures is to not objectify consciousness.  Consciousness is not an object or some “thing” external to you like a nail-clipper, it is non-spatial.  It is fundamental awareness.

The scientific method requires an object of experimentation to be applicable ergo scientists typically measure causal efficacy. The qualia or hard problem of consciousness, namely why am I having a conscious experience eludes scientific logic. My take is that you wouldn’t destroy William Blake with the scientific method, so why subject the Atman to such.  Different experiential constructs are grasped with different mental faculties. Michelangelo’s David and Newtons’ Laws of motion are interpreted with different methodologies and the former loses no merit by not conforming to reductionist principles. Ergo, I think it safe to say that the lack of a logical scientific method to quantify something does not render it necessarily illogical.

Speaking of Whorf btw, our language fails us in so many ways folks. Great injunctive tool for exchanging info as in “how to do something” but a lousy descriptive mechanism.  Whorf’s paper, The Relation of Habitual Thought and Behavior to Language makes for great reading if the White Widow comes calling, so if you’re interested, LINK HERE.  Whorf explains why our language essentially traps us and limits the manner in which we conceptualize reality.  He even goes on to discuss why relativity is easier to understand in the Hopi language due to the temporal tense-ification and objectifying to which we subject ourselves as English speakers.  We imprison our minds in a cage of temporal units that we’ve objectified and lined in sequential rows.  While the beauty of life lies in the repeatlessness of each moment, we’ve lost this with our prisons of repeating days, weeks and months. Say nothing of the second to second insufferable scrutiny to which we must succumb on a daily basis.

But enough from me. Enjoy the vid and if we don’t cross paths in the next few days, have a wonderful time in whatever manner you celebrate the holidays and I’ll catch you on the Hyd3 side. Seek the subtle amigos as the capacity for self-reflection stands above all machinations of the mind.

One love,


P.S. In the spirit of the holidays, I’ll let Aretha take you home.


Sunday Matinee: Michelle Alexander – The New Jim Crow

Hey folks,

In light of recent events, I really felt this vid apropos today.  And my bad about the prolonged absence also, but the word dealer’s been in one of those stingy moods again. Go figure. While our Sundays are usually defined by an open invitation to join me on a journey to shed the shroud that shields the Splendor from which all things spring, the vibe dictated a slight shift today.  Contemplating the Divinity that underpins the turning of strawberries into symphonies is still a luxury ill afforded certain sub-groups in the society as the story of their lives remains a sole function of skin color.  This stains us all.

Before I leave you to your own devices, I wanna share a little anecdote from the Hyd3 side.

Coming of age in the Empire, I was in a unique position to visit haunts on either side of the track and try different brews at different watering holes without making the respective tavern regulars restless. Some nights I’d chill with guys drinking Mickey’s or Michelob, while on others, Shlitz Bull or Cisco wine were the order of the day. I tended to follow custom as you know what they say, when in Rome right? This allowed for certain observations that were ordinarily denied other members of my peer group that tended towards more provincial tastes. Now all young men who err on the side of rambunctiousness inevitably have encounters with law enforcement during the process of maturation. For some reason however, it seemed that these interactions with the Velites invariably tended to be more frequent and antagonistic on the nights I was drinking Shlitz Bull versus the nights spent chuggin’ Mickey’s.

This troubled me for many years as the “luck of the Irish” didn’t strike me as a meritorious enough explanation for this anomalous statistic. Naiveté however, would prevent any lucid apprehension of the reasons for my “bad luck” on these particular nights for quite a while. Eventually I came to understand why the attitude of the Gestapo was so cordial when I brandished a bottle with the Michelob drinkers and so condescending when I clutched a quart of Shlitz.  With the passage of time and tide, it became evident that the reason lay not in the brand labeling the clutched bottle, but instead the color of the hands doing the clutching.

There is a profound difference in the manner in which law enforcement officials are trained to approach a group of young white fellas versus the attitudes adopted by these same officers when encountering a group of black or Hispanic males. It’s been my experience that police behavior is defined by marked increases in aggression and hostility in minority interactions. Anyways, I’ll get out of your hair and let you get to the lecture. Michelle is a lovely and delightful speaker.

One love,


P.S. Here’s Van’s homage to The Mystery as a bonus after that. These talks tend to evoke certain angry sentiments and holding on to anger is akin to clutching hot coals amigos, you’re the one getting burned.

Sunday Matinee: Eros and the Eschaton

Seekers of the Shew Stone,

Hope all’s well in your own little Hattervilles on this sublime Sunday.  Watching the American political process in action always remindS me that while I’ve often seen a cat without a grin, only in the home of the 64 oz soda will I see a grin without a cat.  At least one thing was clarified further last week – contraction of the social programs relied upon by the most vulnerable shall continue, and the WASP power structure shall also continue to fund its military industrial complex of conformity by cannon. Always open to ideas of how to convince Americans that a robust public education system and Medicare for all are better investments than winged weapons of death btw.

Whatever happened to doing unto the least of my brethren? Lol I guess the historical record of the Imperialist Reformation is better reconciled with In Hoc Signo Vinces.

I know that communication is the sine qua non of society, but my mistrust of words has seemingly been becoming more pronounced in recent weeks.  Somehow partners, a preference for prolonged periods of the pre-planning phase of prose production has been posited as positive.  But, since such personal peccadilloes plague not plenty, here’s master wordsmith McKenna waxin poetic as a form of compensatory damages.  I guess it’s my homage to irony.  Grab a pineapple express pizza and enjoy Terence’s assault on the fragmented religion of science.

One love,


P.S. My fellow seekers of the a priori reality will definitely dig this one.

Quick shout out!

Whaddup amigos?!

In this epic time of transition I hope you’re treadin’ water and in the words of Bono, “Don’t let the bastards get you down!”

Been doing some symmetry breaking up in the mountains with a wise owl and apologize for breaking our routine and leaving you hanging lately. Somewhere I heard however, that only through a profoundly notorious absence of words can one hope to gain an understanding of them and do look forward to sharing any insights that may have been unearthed at some point.

I’ll leave you with these mellow live vibes as a peace offering while you ponder the following and promise we’ll return to the Sunday vibes once this alchemical experience gets processed.

Thought for the day – Is the inkpot aware that Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia lay sleeping within, the subtle stroke of a goose feather all the stimulation necessary to educe the maidens from their slumber? This is what a model extolling the primacy of Mind would imply.

And if you’ve already gone to sit with Heimdallr then you can think on this one – “Ass, gas, or grass – nobody rides for free!”

One love,


P.S. Been on a classic rock kick as of late.

Surrendered humanity?

Explorers of the Intermundi,

Check out this vid homeys –

I’ll not opine on this from a geopolitical perspective as such is naught but the will of colonial powers. If my assertion appears facially dubious, our friend Mr. Ban Ki Moon and his predecessor were relatively less that paper tigers when attempting to reconcile the geopolitical position on torture with the continuing policies at Guantanamo. And, I’m also quite sure that history is replete with examples of this big stick bravado where ever “the sun didn’t set” during the previous two centuries. Today however, I wanted to conduct an inquiry from an alternative perspective.

The wise ones say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Truthfully folks, I’ve seen more of a soul present in archival footage of Ted Bundys’ eyes than in those of Ms. Albright. My question is, how does this happen? When do compassion and humanity depart from a person’s heart? Is this a predisposed propensity as the Ponerologists proffer, or is it a gradual unfolding? Or, does a person suddenly awaken to consider the sacrifice of innocents acceptable? How does one innately imbued with the divinity of maternal compassion arrive at this point?

Ask yourself if you could rest peacefully knowing that you were endorsing the large scale murder of children? I surely couldn’t. Heck, I conduct an inner monologue before killing a spider. Lol. Okay, maybe I’m atypical in this regard, but could you? (Btw, watch a spider build a web and then ask yourself whether you could kill it without acknowledging its life and intelligence.)

At what point does a person surrender his or her humanity for the pragmatic considerations of the machine? In the case at bar, I imagine that it must be a gradual discarding as the hard-wired maternal instinct must surface at some prior point in the maturation process.  Assuming reptilian shape shifters share similar developmental cues with humans, I’d like to think that a pre-pubescent Madeline simulating family dynamics with Barbie and Ken could no more sanction the mistreatment of the neighborhood mongrel, far less children on the other side of the globe. I’d prefer to avoid acknowledging that Gordon Gecko was right and the progeny of W.A.S.P. society value animals more than people. Besides, such over-broad generalizations offend my sensibilities.

Or, is my inquiry misguided as the consideration of non-Caucasoid peoples as subhuman, when fused with the relative morality of modernity, allows Madeline to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to her own children before kissing their foreheads at night, with no pangs of conscience whatsoever?

I’ll leave you to ponder the above on a positive note as a bowl is useful because it is empty.  We should therefore thank the former Secretary for instruction by adverse inference.  In other words, thank you for showing us the character traits that we should not, nor should we teach our children to aspire to.

As usual, I’d love any cogitations you may wish to share as Amaurot is no fun for a party of one.  Enjoy these contemplation vibrations amigos.

One love,


Sunday Matinee: Ancient Mystery of the Archons

Plebeians, Patricians, and Pleiadians,

I thought I’d deliver our Sunday usual before heading off to Jedi training at 221B Baker Street.

Achieving immortality renders you largely immune to programming but doesn’t diminish your empathic capacity, on the contrary, it increases. It’s been 21 days now that Israel has continued its ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian land. Three weeks of hellfire and brimstone raining from the heavens on a group of men, women, and children fenced in like cattle. This is both a novelty in modern warfare and a genocide being executed with the full faith and credit of Washington. 24 hr bombing, no water, no food, medical aid denied, U.N. shelter bombed, need I continue? And please compadres, don’t fall for the simple-minded ruse articulated by the corporate propaganda machine that conflates the Hebrew people with the state apparatus that is Israel.

Barbaric Zionism CANNOT be equated with the practitioners of the Jewish faith.  Furthermore, using the horrendous plight of the Jews in the 20th Century to advance an agenda of Middle East destabilization is both reprehensible and a wretched attempt at manipulation.  I know the John of Patmos crowd will definitely like this one – and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan (Rev 2:9).  Looks like my father was right, even the devil can quote scripture.

While criticism of Israel is usually tantamount to professional suicide, such limitations are inapplicable to winged charioteers. The WCLU has carved a nice exception for its members. I guess now you see why the establishment despises organized labor folks. A “people without a land finding a land without a people” is a hegemonic, entrenched mythology articulated and reinforced by the Perfidious Albion and Yankee Doodle. THERE WERE PEOPLE LIVING IN PALESTINE for all 2000 years prior to 1948!

I am no anti Semite and readily support a two state solution, but ever ask yourself why one has never been achieved? And why the fellas who almost brokered a resolution, Anwar Sadat and Yitzhak Rabin were both assassinated?  Hmmm, some 3rd party has always seemed to be operating subversively behind the scenes. Maybe the boys at Baker Street will know more. The good doctor and the detective usually have their fingers on the pulse of Capitalism’s Invisible Army.

Since Rabin, these neocon/ neoliberal statesmen, and I use the term “statesmen” very liberally, have been in charge with free reign.  They’ve continuously defied the U.N. with an illegal blockade of Gaza, executed multiple unprovoked acts of aggression, and slowly suffocated the descendants of the people who initially welcomed their ancestors in the late 1800’s – the first wave of Jewish return to Palestine. For some rather bizarre reason unbeknownst to me however, Israel somehow manages to get the one obstruction vote from a certain permanent member of the U.N. Security Council that prevents any issues related to their illegality of their conduct from reaching the General Assembly.

(**Extra credit assignment – Articulate the difference between neo-con and neoliberal ideology. Just gotta love Newspeak lol)

Ah, but you didn’t stop by my cyber-crib for poli-tricks. Check out the work of Illan Pappe, Norman Finkelstein, and Noam Chomsky if you seek some balance to Faux News and the Crony Broadcasting Service on Israeli-Palestine relations.

Now on to the fun stuff.  I’ve been thinking about what underpins the mindset of men who display what Roger Waters called “the bravery of being out of range.” The orchestration of brutality from the cool comfort of air-conditioned offices sans any change in physiological response is something that I simply have problems wrapping my head around. At least the stooges of yore led the charge on the battlefield. This is a different animal entirely. You know something tribe, it’s gotta be pathological. So the logical question that would naturally follow is – infected by what? That’s where today’s share comes in.  John Lash’s interpretations of the Gnostic teachings are interesting to say the least. As far as belief goes, how about a nice quote by the Swiss mystic instead? (calling Master Jung a therapist is like referring to sex as reproduction) P.L.U.R. amigos.

 – “The word “believe” is a difficult thing for me. I don’t believe; I must have a reason for a certain hypothesis. Either I know a thing; and when I know it, I don’t need to believe it. If I don’t allow myself, for instance, to believe a thing just for sake of believing it. I can’t believe it! But when there are sufficient reasons for a certain hypothesis, I shall accept these reasons naturally.” – Carl Jung

One love,


A bIt ’bout Oneness

Hey Soul Rebels,

Sorry about the absence as of late but I hope it’s okay for me to blame it on the monsters.  If you need evidence just look under the bed.  Trust me, they’re there. It’s not for a lack of effort to conceive the alternative, but my life cannot not include a desire to try to solve the mystery of itself. I’m not saying alternatives are impossible as the world is filled with varied form and favor, but this journey from the birth canal to the awning grave is not without a consuming desire to know not that which the eye can see, but whereby the eye can see.

While able to shun it for much of my life, a man must swim with the current lest he be overcome by the force of the river. And the river is mighty amigos, very mighty indeed. I am glad to have this forum to share what I unearth with you however. After all, there are no discoveries, only revelations. For those who may argue otherwise, the universe was entangled long before we “discovered” entanglement.

I recently stumbled across this 3 stage gnosis of oneness by Thomas Keating and it just clicked. I hope the vibe resonates with you similarly.

Essentially the gnosis of oneness consists of the following stages:-

The gnosis of oneness begins with a truthful realization that there is an “Other”

What follows next is a deep and profound yearning to be like the Other

Finally one comes to the realization that there is no Other, as you were one with the Other all along. There is only the One.

Truthfully folks, life is so fleeting, it’s over before you know it.  The ride is an illusion and when you reawaken your connection to the inner world you’ll once again remember this bit of forgotten wisdom. Besides, there is no river!

One can only hope that this realization is accompanied by an awareness that the same ideological thread underpins both the unfettered slaughter of the Iraqi people and the Trail of Tears. Medals for murder have always been maneuvered to manipulate the muddled minds of minority. Murder is murder and no state stamp of approval makes it justifiable. Ask yourself why does society pedestalize war profiteers like Jeffrey Immelt and imprison John Gotti? Is it because the blood spilled in the desert is brown? There is no difference in the mindset of men who consider profiting by violence to be acceptable. Or did G.E. convince you that it only made toasters?

The parade of prophetical personages by corporate interests chomping at the bits to insert rancid market ideology into the awakening of humanity has sought to define oneness and criticism of the status quo as mutually exclusive spheres. Somehow any discussion of oneness cannot include the criminality of the established order. Please don’t fall for this ruse folks. A true understanding of oneness demands that you speak out about injustice anywhere, as it’s a threat to justice everywhere. So said a man far wiser than I.

One love,


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