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Hujambo Jedi!

Been enjoying a wonderful reprieve from the web lately so no fulminations this fine Friday friends. Just felt like sharing something fabulous with you folks. With the ubiquitous chaotic frenzy confronting the humans, I thought an infusion of beauty may create some positive vibes and ripple out. Chaos theory is on my side it seems.  Maybe, just maybe, this butterfly can create a hurricane of positivity.  Check out these vibes:

Can you hear the priest?
He’s tryin’ to keep his goddess pleased
Love’s shining eternally
Love will make you feel so free

Come, come it’s okay
For satisfaction you must pray
The flame of passion ain’t no bluff
It’s shinning in the temple of love

Come to the temple of love
And together we’ll pray
To the heaven’s above

Come to the temple of love

She sure is beautiful compadres.

Ye stewards, seek the sublime that lies beyond everyday cognition. The mind is the great slayer of the real as the wise ones say.

If I tried to tell you that stars lie hidden in your soul would you believe me?  Or would I get something like, “H3nry you should really turn off the Northern Lights before you write.”  Okay, you don’t have to believe anything, but when you do realize the inner light amigos, remember I tried to give you a heads up.

Nothing will ever look the same once you listen to the whispers of the soul.  Discard the desire for details of the declination from the Ineffable to the flesh cage and learn to dance.  Schrödingers’ equations and Sabbath observation are just alternate mappings of the same reality and these are not necessarily mutually exclusive.  Or alternatively, you could say that the universe has a design that includes physicists. Lol

Every now and again the Mother Goddess smiles and presents you with a glimpse of something so incredibly beautiful, the soul stirs. It could be a dance, or a dancer, a butterfly in flight, a tiger tiger burning bright, or even heaven in a wild flower.  It’s at these moments of exquisiteness that one’s gaze becomes naught fixed elsewhere.  The first premise driving the transcendental machine becomes vaguely discernible since you’re in the presence of that which is Good, Beautiful, and True. The Dancer dances and you simply sit with bated breath in bewilderment. The hue of reality changes so to speak.

Do you really think that this is worth destroying so men who have can accumulate more? A wise owl would probably disagree with this model.  Seek beauty, goodness and truth amigos and the temple of love opens its doors to you. #justsayin

One love,



Secular Divinity of Sound

Ye who have seen beyond the walls of the cave,

A captivating piece of music recently crossed my path and resonated on a level that eluded linguistic trappings.  Just had to share this soothing instrumental with my homeys.  In homage to Holmes, I also did some reconnaissance and the following translation turned up. Turns out that this is actually a devotional piece written in the 15th Century by Narsinh Mehta.  The word “Vaishnav” is translated as a devotee of Vishnu.  For those who may be uncomfortable with assigning intelligence to the infinite and eternal energy from which all things proceed, replace “Vaishnav” with “True Humanist” and voila, any perturbations experienced in the mind of a 3D dweller is rather easily resolved. I hope you enjoy the piece.

Vaishnav Jan

One who is a Vaishnav (or True Humanist)

Knows the pain of others

Does good to others

Without letting pride enter his mind.


A Vaishnav (True Humanist), Tolerates and praises the entire world.

Does not speak ill of others

Keeps his promises, actions and thoughts pure

Your mother is blessed indeed.


A Vaishnav (True Humanist) sees everything equally, rejects greed and avarice

Respects women as he respects his own mother

Though his tongue may tire he will utter no untruth

Never touches the property of others.


A Vaishnav (True Humanist) does not succumb to worldly attachments

He has renounced lust of all types and anger

The poet Narsi will like to see such a person by whose virtue,

The entire family gets salvation.


Here’s the Allpoetry.com link to the poem: Vaishnav Janatho

Uploader’s Youtube Channel: Sona Rupa

One love,





[W]hen a mother in search of food and shelter for her children must pass by shops filled with the most refined delicacies of refined gluttony; when gorgeous and insolent luxury is displayed side by side with the most execrable misery; when the dog and the horse of a rich man are far better cared for than millions of children whose mothers earn a pitiful salary in the pit or the manufactory; when each “modest” evening dress of a lady represents eight months, or one year, of human labor; when enrichment at somebody else’s expense is the avowed aim of the “upper classes,” and no distinct boundary can be traced between honest and dishonest means of making money– then FORCE is the only means for maintaining such a state of things.

-Peter Kropotkin

This is an expression of solidarity with all Brazilian workers involved in the struggle for social justice.

One love,




Sunday Matinee: What A Way To Go – Life at the End of Empire

I think the following excerpt from a lecture by Terence McKenna is apropos.

“Our present global crisis is more profound than any previous historical crises; hence our solutions must be equally drastic. I propose that we should adopt the plant as the organizational model for life in the twenty-first century, just as the computer seems to be the dominant mental/social model of the late twentieth century, and the steam engine was the guiding image of the nineteenth century.

This means reaching back in time to models that were successful fifteen thousand to twenty thousand years ago. When this is done it becomes possible to see plants as food, shelter, clothing, and sources of education and religion.

The process begins by declaring legitimate what we have denied for so long. Let us declare nature to be legitimate. All plants should be declared legal, and all animals for that matter. The notion of illegal plants and animals is obnoxious and ridiculous.

Re-establishing channels of direct communication with the planetary Other, the mind behind nature, through the use of hallucinogenic plants is the best hope for dissolving the steep walls of cultural inflexibility that appear to be channeling us toward true ruin. We need a new set of lenses to see our way into the world. When the medieval world shifted its worldview, secularized European society sought salvation in the revivifying of classical Greek and Roman approaches to law, philosophy, aesthetics, city planning, and agriculture. Our dilemma will cast us further back into time in search for models and answers.

The Solution

The solution to much of modern malaise, including chemical dependencies and repressed psychoses and neuroses, is direct exposure to the authentic dimensions of risk represented by the experience of psychedelic plants. The pro-psychedelic plant position is clearly an anti-drug position. Drug dependencies are the result of habitual, un-examined, and obsessive behaviour; these are precisely the tendencies in our psychological makeup that the psychedelics mitigate. The plant hallucinogens dissolve habits and hold motivations up to inspection by a wider, less egocentric, and more grounded point of view within the individual. It is foolish to suggest that there is no risk, but it is equally uninformed to suggest that the risk is not worth taking. What is needed is experiential validation of a new guiding image, an overarching metaphor able to serve as the basis for a new model of society and the individual.

The plant-human relationship has always been the foundation of our individual and group existence in the world. What I call the Archaic Revival is the process of reawakening awareness of traditional attitudes toward nature, including plants and our relationship to them. The Archaic Revival spells the eventual breakup of the pattern of male dominance and hierarchy based on animal organization, something that can not be changed overnight by a sudden shift in collective awareness. Rather, it will follow naturally upon the gradual recognition that the overarching theme that directs the Archaic Revival is the idea/ideal of a vegetation Goddess, the Earth herself as the much ballyhooed Gaia–a fact well documented by nineteenth-century anthropologists, most notably Frazer, but recently given a new respectability by Riane Eisler, Marija Gimbutas, James Mellaart, and others.

The closer a human group is to the gnosis of the vegetable mind–the Gaian collectivity of organic life–the closer their connection to the archetype of the Goddess and hence to the partnership style of social organization. The last time that the mainstream of Western thought was refreshed by the gnosis of the vegetable mind was at the close of the Hellenistic Era, before the Mystery religions were finally suppressed by enthusiastic Christian barbarians.

My conclusion is that taking the next evolutionary step toward the Archaic Revival, the rebirth of the Goddess, and the ending of profane history will require an agenda that includes the notion of our re-involvement with and the emergence of the vegetable mind. That same mind that coaxed us into self-reflecting language now offers us the boundless landscapes of the imagination. Without such a relationship to psychedelic exopheromones regulating our symbiotic relationship with the plant kingdom, we stand outside of an understanding of planetary purpose. And an understanding of planetary purpose may be the major contribution we can make to the evolutionary process. Returning to the bosom of the planetary partnership means trading the point of view of the history-created ego for a more maternal and intuitional style.”

From The Archaic Revival by Terence McKenna

More: Plan, Plant, Planet

To download or order a copy of the film please visit:  http://www.whatawaytogomovie.com/

Here’s the final segment of the movie just in case you enjoy reading the last chapter first :)

One love,


The Yellow Middle

Surveyors of Olympus,

In Taoism, the middle path to the yellow castle where the emperor sits, can only be approached by a reconciliation of the Yin and Yang polarities.  This coincidence of opposites is the merger of our reason and passion. Neither holding sway, but maintaining a delicate balance shall lead one to self-knowledge. Understanding of the Hidden Law will remain asymptotic if we divest ourselves from feeling. Reason and passion should be united in matrimony.

The Hidden Law

The Hidden Law does not deny
Our laws of probability,
But takes the atom and the star
And human beings as they are,
And answers nothing when we lie.

It is the only reason why
No government can codify,
And legal definitions mar
The Hidden Law.

Its utter patience will not try
To stop us if we want to die:
When we escape It in a car,
When we forget It in a bar,
These are the ways we’re punished by
The Hidden Law.

-W.H. Auden

Thought you might enjoy some balance after Sunday’s homage to the left brain.

One love,


Ode to Truth


Bacon (wink wink!) urged us to consider what’s in a name, for a rose by any other name smells just as sweet. In the moments of devotion all religions are the same. Let every aspect of your life be an act of devotion. Look carefully into the eyes of a child, therein a splendor is revealed that has existed long before the spark that set the sun ablaze. Place no value in the fleeting. Worship neither wealth nor fame. The fleeting is fleeting. I am but a story I tell myself. My knowledge is imperfect and I am imperfect. The resplendence of truth is all that exists.

Ode to Truth

There is You, only You

O Framer of Blake’s fearful symmetry

Let me weave your tapestry

For I stand humbled and naked yet mightily infused with your effulgence

I am that i am

For i am but a breath in the sphere of an infinite essence that existed when the world was naught

The Christian sees it in his cross, the Muslim in his Ka’aba, the Jew his Wall, and the physicist in his equations

They are all short-sighted for I see only You

O Peerless One

Your resplendence lies in the rock, your resplendence lies in the rose and in the dove

It is all through Your providence

In every blade of grass a magnificence exists that no cage of words can capture

Utter astonishment for the discerning eye

I surrender to Thy will

For essence eludes elucidation

Humility is my prize

i am triumphant.

One love,


image credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Cat%27s_Eye_Halo.jpg

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Just a little something to help shred the tapestry of conditioning and elucidate a connection with the inner essence.

One love,

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