Sunday Matinee: Esoteric Alchemy – Transformation of Attitudes

Aspirants of Avalon,

You know I couldn’t leave you hangin’ today amigos.  Thought I’d flip the script a bit though and share an audio lecture that crossed my path.  When Cicero wrote that the death of men does not imply the death of their doctrines but the loss of authoritative exponent, he surely didn’t contemplate the capacity to record sound and the triple W.  For us lucky bastards, these Promethian boons have put the entire compendium of human knowledge a mere mouse-click away and often exponentially increased the exponent of great contributors to the human endeavor.  I thought my fellow wanderers of the Bifrost would enjoy this share today.

Several years ago, my old friend Lemuel introduced me to the teachings of Manly P. Hall.  That’s the cool thing about people who travel widely, their travels usually introduce them to peculiar notions often bereft of any limitations of the cultural milieu.  I hate to beat a dead horse folks, but I’m compelled to continuously reinforce the notion that culture is only a series of artificial constructs superimposed upon the essence of the self to drive consumerism.  Diamonds are no more symbolic of love than the police symbolize justice. It’s as Baudrillard wrote, simulacra is not the real. We’ll leave those who actually do the superimposing for another day however.

Being introduced to Manly P. Hall was a cool drink of iced tea on a sweltering summer afternoon.  His contributions to the human experiment certainly blasted open my doors of perception. For you folks who’ve ridden the Ghost Train for a while, I’ve often referenced his writing in my shares.  Although mostly restatements of doctrines that have existed for millennia, for a gen X-er like myself, it was rather stimulating to unearth information related to the Eye of Thundera.

This is a great lecture on the subject of Alchemy that I feel some of you will appreciate. Hall is well conversant on this and a great many other subjects related to the esoteric.  Travel the path of self-knowledge well voyagers and practice crescent moon Mind. Full moons tend to wane.

One love,




About H3nry J3kyll
Vincit omnia veritas (using an obscure Latin heraldry motto makes one seem kinda learned and distinguished).

8 Responses to Sunday Matinee: Esoteric Alchemy – Transformation of Attitudes

  1. Holy Hall, that was awesome! I am two weeks deep into a Sunday matinee ritual and so far I am loving it – thank you for posting!

    It was such an incredible experience to hear the winds howling out an open window as I listened to Hall wax poetic on the secret teachings. Part of me wanted to furiously record notes while the other part was content with simply listening and enjoying the vibes.

    A couple parts stuck out to me above the rest:

    I loved how adamant Hall was about reinforcing the whole purpose of alchemy as something from which all of humankind benefits, and that it must be done with that spirit in mind, or else all efforts are useless. I was particularly struck with the phrase “for the wanderers to return home” as a description for what he calls the true purpose of alchemy.

    I also loved so much of what he said about the chakra system and high yoga, particularly in reference to somatics, and our tendency to “make flesh a victim” to our thoughts and desires. This is something that is so profound, and a message I truly cannot hear enough times.

    Manly’s message leaves me hopeful. Hopeful that in truly listening for and honoring the soul, whether through quiet, genuine acts of kindness, cleansing of the victimized flesh, or following some of the more complex symbology, we may take an active role in the evolution of humanity. To let the best part, the deepest part of ourselves lead – What an inspiring message.

    Love this so much!

    • H3nry J3kyll says:

      Love your thinking Amanda. I once heard him say something to the effect of – the spiritual path is one of a “total relaxation of self purpose and willingness to serve the Grand Pattern of Universal Procedure.” Talk about wax poetic! Thought you’d def appreciate that.

      I too was blown away by the abundance of wisdom crammed into this hr long chat. The first time I just listened but believe me, I took many notes on the next go around. I share your hope that through ego transcending practices we can all aid in advancing humanity towards that which is good, beautiful, and true.

      I thank you for sharing your thoughts. If I haven’t said it before, it really is a pleasure to connect with you. Keep well :)

      • Seems you’ve got my number – “total relaxation of self purpose and willingness to serve the Grand Pattern of Universal Procedure” – love, love love that! :-) Have a wonderful day of Grand Pattern, H3nry :)

  2. “Better citizens of eternity.” If Manley Hall didn’t nail it there, he comes about as close as one can get before dying. Fascinating man. Thanks.

  3. I am catching up on your Sunday matinees right now. This is amazing stuff. I often use in my writing but this video is a new and rare pleasure. Thank you, Henry.

    • H3nry J3kyll says:

      Hi Monika,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this talk. I imagine that a person with your background has much wisdom where these subjects are concerned so it’s my genuine pleasure to share something that you consider to be worthwhile and enjoyable.

      Love that sacred texts site. Not even the emperors of yore had such a collection lol

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