Surrendered humanity?

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I’ll not opine on this from a geopolitical perspective as such is naught but the will of colonial powers. If my assertion appears facially dubious, our friend Mr. Ban Ki Moon and his predecessor were relatively less that paper tigers when attempting to reconcile the geopolitical position on torture with the continuing policies at Guantanamo. And, I’m also quite sure that history is replete with examples of this big stick bravado where ever “the sun didn’t set” during the previous two centuries. Today however, I wanted to conduct an inquiry from an alternative perspective.

The wise ones say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Truthfully folks, I’ve seen more of a soul present in archival footage of Ted Bundys’ eyes than in those of Ms. Albright. My question is, how does this happen? When do compassion and humanity depart from a person’s heart? Is this a predisposed propensity as the Ponerologists proffer, or is it a gradual unfolding? Or, does a person suddenly awaken to consider the sacrifice of innocents acceptable? How does one innately imbued with the divinity of maternal compassion arrive at this point?

Ask yourself if you could rest peacefully knowing that you were endorsing the large scale murder of children? I surely couldn’t. Heck, I conduct an inner monologue before killing a spider. Lol. Okay, maybe I’m atypical in this regard, but could you? (Btw, watch a spider build a web and then ask yourself whether you could kill it without acknowledging its life and intelligence.)

At what point does a person surrender his or her humanity for the pragmatic considerations of the machine? In the case at bar, I imagine that it must be a gradual discarding as the hard-wired maternal instinct must surface at some prior point in the maturation process.  Assuming reptilian shape shifters share similar developmental cues with humans, I’d like to think that a pre-pubescent Madeline simulating family dynamics with Barbie and Ken could no more sanction the mistreatment of the neighborhood mongrel, far less children on the other side of the globe. I’d prefer to avoid acknowledging that Gordon Gecko was right and the progeny of W.A.S.P. society value animals more than people. Besides, such over-broad generalizations offend my sensibilities.

Or, is my inquiry misguided as the consideration of non-Caucasoid peoples as subhuman, when fused with the relative morality of modernity, allows Madeline to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to her own children before kissing their foreheads at night, with no pangs of conscience whatsoever?

I’ll leave you to ponder the above on a positive note as a bowl is useful because it is empty.  We should therefore thank the former Secretary for instruction by adverse inference.  In other words, thank you for showing us the character traits that we should not, nor should we teach our children to aspire to.

As usual, I’d love any cogitations you may wish to share as Amaurot is no fun for a party of one.  Enjoy these contemplation vibrations amigos.

One love,



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8 Responses to Surrendered humanity?

  1. DK Fennell says:

    Interesting discussion, one which I have been having with myself for several years now. Not about Albright specifically, but how Modern Western (wo)Man can go about his business, setting aside morality during the day, and then resume “human” life after work. This isn’t done only by the Power Elite. It is endemic to Western life, down to the very way our society is structured.

    I’m sure the chemical engineers who got jobs at Dow Chemical were at least average in moral IQ. But the nature of “employment” carries with it in our economic system a legal requirement of loyalty. And so those chemical engineers went about developing Agent Orange because their sense of loyalty required them to delegate the decision about the morality of creating Agent Orange to those up the chain.

    Partners at big investment banks have duty of loyalty to each other. So when the firm takes a financial position adverse to the advice it is giving to the clients to whom it is selling financial products, an intelligent partner can shunt it off on the theory that our legal system imposes on his a “fiduciary” duty to his partners and only “honesty in fact” to the firms customers.

    I like to believe that most people who become cops do so because they genuinely believe they can serve the neighborhoods they work in. I doubt a high percentage believe that the opportunity for sadistic pleasure, graft, pension padding and the like is the main motive. Most probably don’t believe it takes place. And yet when they see an organized operation of police corruption and injustice, no matter how illegal, not one in 100 cops believes that his loyalty is to the neighborhood rather than to his squad room.

    The examples could go on for ever. Ms. Albright, although not particularly artful in explaining her rationale, is simply showing how we organization (wo)men can bifurcate ourselves and do so without any cognitive dissonance. After all, in one area (or job or profession or social group) we are obligated to show deference and loyalty to group think and morality has no place. Since it has no place, why should anyone think about it or be bothered by our decisions on the job or let any of that affect our “personal” life?

    A social anthropologist recently said that we have evolved a social brain that has the capacity to regard about 200 people as fellow human beings. Everyone else, in our paleolithic mind, is really nothing more than predators to be guarded against or prey to be consumed. We don’t practice that philosophy explicitly, because our social system is designed to allow only a select group to prey on everyone, a slightly larger group to prey on those below them and so on. And the way that predation can be accomplished is strictly regulated (not by morality but by considerations of efficient public order). Although Ms. Albright doesn’t believe consciously that those children are outside the 200 “people” she knows, it operates as the background on which our social rules of loyalty and deference operate. I’m sure Ms. Albright would never have given the answer a second though except how badly she is shown off. But deep down, she probably considered the question outside her ken because after all she didn’t make the policy, someone else did. In fact, in our social organization, there is always someone else who did the dirty work, allowing us to disregard morality while we are on the “job.”

    • H3nry J3kyll says:

      Thank you for such a thoughtful response DK. I’m reminded of the maxim that one ought not confuse legal ethics with morality. I guess I’m at a point where I demand more more of myself and would like to challenge others to aspire to more. Outsourcing of the heavy lifting does make this very difficult as do practical considerations and demands.

      But hey, who ever said improving the social order was an easy task right? Any change has to begin with a possibility of an improved horizon and hopefully we can get more people to conduct this type of an inquiry. That’s all one can really aspire to in the end. Maybe somewhere, one paleolithic mind will develop an awareness of his or her humanity and opt for the moral high ground.

  2. Jeff Nguyen says:

    H3nry, I think you would enjoy the writings of Arthur Silber. He has not been writing lately due to chronic health problems and poverty but he touches on some of the themes you bring up here. What kind of pathology does it take to ascend to the upper ranks of the political elite? His analysis of the cult of personality known as Obama was spot-on, “At the same time, as I’ve noted, there is no “person” there, either. When you combine these two aspects, you are left with what might be the ultimate horror in psychological terms: a narcissist, and a solipsist, with no “self.” When you care about nothing beyond this arrested, primitive sense of “self,” you are left with nothing at all. That also means you are capable of anything. To be more accurate, you are left with one thing: a deep reservoir of rage and hatred. An individual cannot destroy his own personhood in this way and avoid the profound, unrelenting rage that must result. Rage of this kind demands an outlet. Thus, Obama is inevitably led to murder without end, first abroad and now increasingly at home. For a damaged person like Obama, a Kill List is an absolute necessity.” (
    His other writings are equally astute.

    • H3nry J3kyll says:

      I always look forward to your input amigo as I always learn something new. Thank you for sharing the link and quote from Silber. I think that the primitive aspect of self that we’re conditioned to aspire to is devoid of virtue, and a being devoid of virtue can have no appreciation of the Good, the Beautiful, and the True.
      What is a life without an awareness of that which is good, beautiful and true? You’ll find no argument from me that a life spent on vain materialism and its illusory accolades is certainly a life worth nothing at all.
      Keep well Jeff.

  3. Our high level politicians are given a script by the corporate elite and they follow it – or have their lives ruined (or even ended).

    • H3nry J3kyll says:

      I think many of these crooks gladly execute the bidding of their masters. I wonder how many in the Senate have a net worth of less than 20 million, and that’s a conservative estimate. There is definitely a revolving door between government and the corporate ranks. But I know I’m preaching to the choir. lol

  4. carolahand says:

    Fascinating video and dialogue, H3nry. (I wrote my comments on your earlier post about Ponerologists, a post I missed for some reason.)

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