Sunday Matinee: Bioneers – Regeneration w/ Paul Hawken

“We have invented an economic system -then and now- that doesn’t just kill life, it depends on killing life.” – Paul Hawken

Que pasa Dionysians?

I promise that we’ll return to the mind-benders next week but I thought you guys and gals would enjoy this presentation. And as a bonus, maybe derive some utility from it. Bioneers is an innovative non-profit that highlights breakthrough solutions for restoring people and planet.

Paul Hawken is a visionary social entrepreneur, the award-winning author of multiple landmark books including Blessed Unrest, The Ecology of Commerce and Natural Capitalism (co-author). Here Hawken presents a number of keen observations related to the mechanistic, industrialized , well funded I might add, entity involved in selling the public the absurdity that a donut calorie is the same as a calorie from kale.

I’ll openly testify to his claim about the benefit of whole foods in improving health. For the past couple years, my platter has been filled primarily from an un-processed menu. When the auto-immune diagnosis is leveled amigos, let thy medicine be the foods. There is a certain splendor in natural simplicity that trumps the anesthetized, artificial, over medicated machine that we rely on for wellness. Use the democratizing power of the web to facilitate your optimal health and remember that it is not always possible to reconcile your well being with the profit motive. I shared some thoughts on diet and wellness before, if you’re interested here’s a link to Let Thy Foods be Thy Medicine.

I’ll leave you with this tribe, nature is an engine of regeneration. It’s time to redefine progress by new coordinates unrelated to remedying the problems of our present mode of existence. Let the wild birds sing while you take the following advice:

One love,



About H3nry J3kyll
Vincit omnia veritas (using an obscure Latin heraldry motto makes one seem kinda learned and distinguished).

15 Responses to Sunday Matinee: Bioneers – Regeneration w/ Paul Hawken

  1. Jeff Nguyen says:

    My wife was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder several years ago. She is now gluten-free and organic as much as possible. The commoditization of the food supply affects us in so many ways. Its always good to see people speaking out on this topic, especially someone as thoughtful as you are.

    Peace, H3nry.

    • H3nry J3kyll says:

      My best wishes to your wife Jeff. There was once a certain intimacy involved in nourishing ourselves to which we must return. The public is essentially a longitudinal study, without informed consent, on the impact of a processed, artificial diet. I’ve decided to opt out.

  2. carolahand says:

    H3nry, thank you so much for sharing this profound, eloquent, and deeply hopeful video and organization!

  3. Hey, H3nry!
    Bioneers is a very interesting group with all kinds of ideas for consideration.
    As for food–ha–I’ve been forced to pay close attention to my food for most of my life due to food allergies. When you start paying attention to what you’re consuming it can be a very eye-opening experience. Just reading the labels on food products can pack a wallop if you have no clue what’s inside of processed foods. General rule of thumb–if it does not ‘rot’ and has a shelf life of FOREVER–it might be a very good idea to take evasive action regarding that meal deal.
    I’ll vouch for food as medicine too. Raw unfiltered honey taken straight–not dissolved in anything is a great restorative for me. Dandelion tea–and leaves for salads–does wonders for digestion. Green gunpowder tea helped me kick the bottomless coffee pot addiction. Then there’s yogurt–without all the gimmicks–which does a body good. And if you can get duck eggs on your menu they have more nutrition than chicken eggs and less of the negatives. If they’re cage free ducks eating yummy stuff they’ll pass along great things to you.
    Yikes–I’m running off at the fingers about what goes in my mouth!!!!!

    • H3nry J3kyll says:

      LMAO! Don’t stress it too much, mouths are designed to put stuff in after all.
      I can definitely relate to the restricted diet and food allergies my friend. What was interesting is that after a year or 2 of eating a “clean” vegan diet, the idea of returning to Kraft mac & cheese and Tyson chicken strips is not appealing to my palate in the least. While difficult at first, melons and peaches have remarkably turned into treats themselves. I guess eating natural does have a way of becoming a rather pleasurable experience although you can’t necessarily eat out as often as you would like.
      I also agree about both avoiding food with a shelf life of eternity and the beneficial impact of raw honey. Haven’t tried the gunpowder tea as an alternative to coffee but I understand emptying the French press quite well indeed. Thank you for the tip, I’ve added it to my grocery list. As for the rest of the list, not everything can be for nutritional content. Hey, where’s the fun in eating only for survival. lol

      • OOO so satisfying to elicit a “LMAO!” — makes it all worthwhile.
        Agreed, where is the fun in eating ONLY for survival? May as well take a little food pill thrice a day if that’s all eating is. Ahhhh aromas, tastebuds, food porn and a satisfied tum tum are all part of the fun.
        Tyson chicken strips = are those really food once the chicken is dead?
        Mac and cheese is another thing entirely….
        Then there are turkey burgers with goat cheese inside. Ooops that’s not vegan, is it? Nope.
        Did someone say melons? As in water and honeydew? Hmm? I’ll take a nectarine, make it two, please.
        French pressed — straight up and black or with real cream and sugar? Hmm? Fess up, H3nry.

        • H3nry J3kyll says:

          Melons, nectarines, grapes, all fruits have their special qualities to be enjoyed. Besides, can’t compare apples and oranges right? Or maybe you can but not meaningfully. Straight up and black when focus is needed and the yawns won’t retreat. But, coffee is to be enjoyed so I’ll take a twist on the cream and sugar, how about rice milk and raw stevia?

          • Compare apples and oranges? Hmm one is squished much easier than the other. One can be peeled with your fingers and the other not so much. Have you ever peeled a grape? I’m not peeling any nectarines–one big seed rather than a smattering of seeds–if your oranges haven’t been genetically modified to be seedless. And….yeah…of course we can compare fruits. Or is that supposed to mean something else entirely? I’ve never been sure. I think people just don’t do a lot of comparison and contrast of things–hence the issue with apples and oranges.

            Straight up and neat can be so delicious when freshly squeezed.
            Hmm–I just reread that last sentence. For the sake of humor I’m letting it stand.
            Too much grape juice this morning…..ahhh ha.
            Rice milk—well, it’s not exactly cream from the cow–which is one of the divine nectars of the gods in my opinion. I say sugar (honey too–cane please) and you say stevia. But if it’s working for your taste-buddies then all is good on your side of the counter.

  4. Oh I enjoyed both Hawken AND dancing to Daft Punk. Thanks for the morning UPlift. :)

    • H3nry J3kyll says:

      My pleasure, gotta give you some groovy vibes every once in a while. :)

      • I bet you’re soft shoe dance man.

        • H3nry J3kyll says:

          lol Soft shoe, lambada, or stompin in my boots, ah I guess it depends on the mood. No rigidity, but fluid, like water. Put water in a cup, it becomes the cup. Put it in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When in Rome as they say…

          • A boot stomper?! Ahhh ha! There shall be no barefoot dancing in the park then. In the interest of toe preservation, of course.

            Btw, if you’re inclined, come drop a music dime featuring your favorite Spring tune (s) over at my casa. Sublime or silly is fine.
            Invitation is open to anyone else feeling a spring in their step.

            More coffee?

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