Principles of the Abraxian Dialectic



Kalachakra thangka painted in Sera Monastery, Tibet

Seekers of Shambhala,

I thought this was rather interesting and felt that some of you folks would also appreciate reading.

Primary Principles To Illuminism – The (r >= 0) – The World of Becoming

1) Energy (dimensionless and dimensional) is the fundamental substance of the universe.

2) Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, only transformed.

3) Energy was, is and always will be.

4) Energy is uncaused.

5) The universe of energy has no beginning and no end: it is not created.

6) There is an infinite amount of energy.

7) The dimensional r > 0 universe is infinitely large.

8) The dimensionless r = 0 domain has infinite capacity to store information.

9) The energy of the r > 0 universe is the energy studied by science.

10) The energy of the r = 0 domain is the energy of the Mind (Aether).

11) The r > 0 domain is “dead”, without “Mind”.

12) The r = 0 domain is “alive”, with “Mind”.

13) The r = 0 and r > 0 domains form a continuum r >= 0.

14) The r = 0 and r > 0 domains interact dialectically.

15) This cosmic dialectic drives the universe inexorably towards the Whole, the Absolute, Total Synthesis, the maximum expression of the potential of the universe, its maximum actualization.

16) This dialectical end-point, the Omega Point, is Abraxas, the True God, the Supreme Being: the Conscious Universe, the Cosmic Soul, Absolute Mind, Absolute Spirit, Absolute Idea, Absolute Form, Absolute Knowledge, Absolute Freedom.

17) The scientific paradigm that excludes the r = 0 domain is incapable of accounting for how lifeless atoms can be assembled into life, how they can generate mind and consciousness.

18) The r = 0 domain, being outside space and time, is everywhere and nowhere. All r > 0 entities originate in r = 0 dimensionless points. All r > 0 entities, although technically lifeless and mindless, are therefore linked to an r = 0 component which imbues them with the potential for life and mind.

19) Life and mind will manifest themselves meaningfully in the r > 0 universe only where the “brute force” of physical energy can be controlled by mental energy.

20) There will be a continuum extending from apparent lifelessness and mindlessness to rudimentary life and mind (plants) to primitive life and mind (animals) to sophisticated life and mind (humans) to, ultimately, maximum life and mind (God).

21) The r = 0 domain will ultimately fully control the r > 0 universe.

How would the universe know it was getting closer to actualization? It feels it, exactly as we do when we feel we are achieving our purpose, when we feel fulfilled, when we are with those we want to be with and accomplishing what we wish to accomplish. It knows it is not getting closer when it feels distress, pain, discomfort, when it feels bad and negative. “Feeling” is how we judge success. Everything “feels”, although what a rock “feels” is not of particular interest since it is so primitive.


I think feeling is the measure by which Mind evaluates the experience of matter. Generally positive feelings are derived when we seek unity while we feel negative when we strive for separateness or to define ourselves solely by excelling others.

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  1. hipmonkey says:

    Sophia’s love

  2. oh my gosh! i’m reading with eyes focused like laser beams!!!!!

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