Sorting the chaos


Greetings Heralds of the Lightning,

I hope the Downpressor Man hasn’t diminished your vitality of Spirit too much since we last spoke.  As you’ve probably figured by now, every few weeks I use this blog as a forum where I can express my indignation at the ubiquitous injustice that accompanies the march of McWorld.  Dunno what I hope to achieve, but I consider it sanity preservation therapy more than anything else. As I’ve come to realize however, concepts are more rarefied in abstract and despite the real world significance, notions like drones using drones to kill people or the cell block as a 21st Century version of the auction block, are about as meaningful as considerations of wave/ particle duality to many engaged in the frenetic pursuits of the “real” world. Time simply permits no more than a general awareness of events not directly impacting one’s life.

For you kindred spirits of the blogosphere, I thought I’d ignore the misdeeds of the miscreants today and try to sort some of the mush on my mind. Blogging after all is the last refuge of the introspective, and the verbose. The 5hr Energy horde descending on the world rarely engages in discourse that cannot be delineated in less than 120 characters. And it also seems that my lifetime has bore witness to the death of flowery, conflated writing, in favor of more direct, concise expression. Guess who didn’t get that memo?

Just as it’s impossible for one to really know what it’s like to be a bat, the subjectivity of experience makes it is impossible for one to know what it’s like to be another person. We must each progress from Zarathustra’s camel, to lion, to child, and this process of interior evolution is an individual one. The camel operates under the imposed burdens of another. Whether “Thou shalt not” or “This Bud’s for you,” the camel is governed by the dictates of exterior directives and must learn to govern its own mind. The lion is an assertive response to his burdened predecessor and seeks to impose his will upon the environment. Solipsism is his burden however, as the fulfillment of selfish objectives as the highest pursuit neglects the communal nature of human society. The final evolution of the child signifies a birth of an untainted consciousness viewing the world with novel wonder. The possibilities are bootstrapped with neither syntactic restraints nor limitation of thought.

Today it seems like the practice of rapidly shifting the focus of our conscious apparatus from one triviality to another has rendered us confused. This confusion thwarts the apprehension of the larger laws by which we are governed, which are the province of men to understand. To remedy this chaotic state and as an alternative to the barrage of digital media, I sometimes like to observe the interactions of the natural world. I think it helps to settle my mind and allows for inquiry. Whether spiders, birds, trees, or bees, I find the intelligence at work to be mind-boggling.  Ant-watching is often more rewarding to the Voice of the Silence than an equivalent time spent on stylized violence and catty housewives.

While observing ants engaged in the painstaking process of colony building, I often wonder whether they possess an awareness of the superior law to which they must yield. Namely my objective for the space they inhabit. They proceed in intersecting queues, stopping briefly to exchange information, in a rather similar fashion to humans proceeding along the busy streets of an urban hub. Their industrious nature is unsurpassed however, as leisurely pursuits are not an adaptation of the consciousness at work in the class insecta. The ants work diligently and possess no awareness of my planned avocado project until the soil is tilled and the underground fortress to which they have dedicated their time is laid to waste.

Unlike ants however, we can comprehend the larger scheme of which we are part. Yet we refuse to acknowledge a superior system until we are forced into reconciliation. It takes catastrophic oil spills and radiation leaks to spur our acknowledgement of the complex system of life of which we are only a thread. Why do humans just proceed along building our fortresses of ego until upended by consequence? I sometimes wonder whether this is a viral vestige. Viruses will multiply until the death of the host occurs, although that probably means their own demise.

Philosophers have argued that choice renders the human algorithm unsolvable. But is there choice? Is the human stage one of improv or are we executioners of scripted verse? I like to think that I possess a choice in the decisions I make, but ask yourself what do you really choose in your own lives? Choice may be debatable but I think that ample evidence exists to acknowledge the presence of a masterful pattern at work in the cosmos. Some say that any perceived scheme is merely the effect of pareidolia, namely the apprehension of a pattern where none exists. But I often wonder, how can one not perceive the pattern. The cycles of nature, the rotation of the planets, the omnipresence of Fibonacci spirals, a heavenly symphony of the spheres is on nightly display, all we need do is look. There are even patterns at work within the evolution of DNA.

The evolution of the human brain from less complex structures is a shift from less to more organization. Randomness implies that at each advance towards negative entropy, there exists an equal probability for reversal. This means that if something advances fortuitously, it is equally likely to be reversed at the next stage. Consider a sequential doubling series where 1 atom becomes 2, then 4, 8, 16, 32, 64… If this occurs with no regression, it means that the evolutionary trend of increasing complexity yielding a successful structure is not a random process. Chance expressly excludes this occurrence.

If this process were random, each adaptation would be vulnerable to collapse. The successful unification of processes denies the fortuitous adaptation argued by proponents of random mechanism.  Else you would not be sitting at a computer reading the musings of a bar-stool philosophizer. I think it’s therefore quite safe for us to relegate the idea of evolution as a random process to the same status as the 6000 year theory of the earth – an impossibility.

Now if we take the advice of our friend Mr. Holmes and eliminate the impossible, what’s left? Well that’s for you to come up with. That’s the beauty of the thing, you’re free to reject or accept anything. I think conformist thinking has constrained this human experiment for far too long.

One love,



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Vincit omnia veritas (using an obscure Latin heraldry motto makes one seem kinda learned and distinguished).

12 Responses to Sorting the chaos

  1. Hi Henry, so great to read your essay on Saturday morning. You know, I do believe in patterns but I also think that chaos and randomness play a very important part, maybe to refresh the set patterns, form a new synthesis. Thank you for your morning food for thought.

    • H3nry J3kyll says:

      I certainly agree my friend. The chaos and randomness seem to be just as much a part as the implicit order. I guess the beauty of the whole show rests in its unwillingness to be placed into a neatly packaged explanation for us to understand.
      Thanks for stopping by Monika and I’m glad you enjoyed the cuisine.

  2. tubularsock says:

    Most excellent. Tubularsock had a late evening or maybe it was an early morning and so I thought I’d read H3nry and I got fixated on the ants and colony building!

    And what do the ants say as they meet along their path? Perhaps as you observe them from on high they are exchanging an inner knowing that soon the “avocado project” will wipe them out. Hell, it happens so often and always out of the sky.

    Who can plan a decent urban project safely with that “shadow” hanging over them all the time? So the “avocado project” vibe is sent out by your mind waves and the ants below get “the feeling” that doom is upon them and speak to each other about it along their path.

    And the ants equivalent of Peter Tosh sing “. . . where you going to run to”.

    Great post ……. much food for thought (once Tubularsock lets the ants go).

    • H3nry J3kyll says:

      Lol Great insight man! I am usually mindful of thoughts and emotions when approaching mammals and birds but hadn’t thought about the ants getting a sense of the impending doom. Now I’ve got to see whether my thinking has any impact on their behavior. Thanks for the twist to my thoughts.

      • tubularsock says:

        Just don’t be fooled that “thinking” alone will keep the ants out of your pantry ………

        Our physical vibration alone has got to have a greater effect on ants then say birds. Or not.

  3. IMHO much of the confusion you describe stems from the breakdown of community and traditional social networks. I no longer believe that individual human beings define themselves. They are largely defined by the social network that surrounds them. This whole competitive individualism they are trying to shove down our throats is a lot of crap. Human beings are programmed to function in social networks and they owe dazzling collective intelligence to their ability to communicate knowledge and ideas within these networks.

    • H3nry J3kyll says:

      The first step in cementing any system of control is to detach the individual from the robust support systems provided by family and other social networks. Spot on analysis Doc. The occasional rags to riches tale is spotlighted to entrench the myth of the self-made man/ rugged individualist in the mass consciousness. In the absence of connections the individual often experiences isolation, depression, and other personal problems. I see a similar pattern in the popularizing of the warrior hero epic to program the minds of military aged youth. Even in the earliest teaching of history, the “great man” model is used and the success story is presented in isolation. I think back to the earliest memories I have learning about characters like Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, etc.

  4. “Humanity’s most valuable assets have been the non-conformists. Were it not for the non-conformists, he who refuses to be satisfied to go along with the continuance of things as they are, and insists upon attempting to find new ways of bettering things, the world would have known little progress indeed.” – Josiah William Gitt (1884-1973)
    Agree with that far too long part. Thanks.

  5. Hello! Very interesting and thought-provoking words. I’ve just discovered this blog and I’m reading it with much delight. By the way, if you’re interested in a discussion about Thomas Nagel’s philosophy, especially his article on bats, you might enjoy checking this out:

    See ya!

    • H3nry J3kyll says:

      Thank you for visiting my slice of cyber real estate and for recommending such a great essay. Definitely looking forward to exploring more of what you share. I enjoy connecting with others to help get a handle on this wondrous journey we call life and I’m pleased that our paths have crossed.

      Keep well until we chat again.

      • Yeah, I really appreciate your “slice of cyber real estate” and will be wandering around it a lot, for sure, gathering some wisdom and been provoked into thinking, feeling and awing. It amazes me how the Blogosphere has become some kind of reminder of the “wondrous journey we call life” because of its inter-connections and its web-like structure – well, but enough digressions for today! I’m also pleased our paths have crossed. See ya soon!

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