Sunday Matinee: Manifesting the Mind – Footprints of the Shaman

Space and time are the framework within which the mind is constrained to construct its experience of reality – Kant

Maybe a loosening of the constraints might be beneficial :)




Culture is a diversion that detracts from the business of being.

If you’re new and stumbled across this post through a series of fortuitous clicks, first consider that there are no accidents in life, and second, take anything I write and please criticize, or debunk or conduct further analysis. Just don’t accept ANYTHING at face value. The precondition for awakening is an open mind.  The rabbit hole is deep indeed and the Veil of Isis will not be lifted but by one who is discerning of thought. There is a relentless assault upon your consciousness by a cabal which seeks to skew your perceptions through an insidious control apparatus. Furthermore, the crowbar required to rip the wretched clutches of the dominator culture from the instrumentality of power cannot be wielded by any single individual.

As said previously, gnosis can only be accomplished by a radical disassociation from all established conventions of belief. Any construct that posits itself as truth must likewise be assaulted. To pierce the veil of illusion promulgated by the power junta who sent 60,000 of your healthiest sons to die fighting windmills in Indochina and added a toxin borrowed from the Nazis to your drinking water, one must shatter memes and dissolve misconceptions. But here’s the good part, once you begin to see thru the deception, you can free yourself from the control matrix. So let’s take a stroll amigos.  Anyone got a Backwood btw? (Hey, c’mon now, we’re walkin in Colorado)

Much of this is covered during orientation before boarding the Nebuchadnezzar, but for those only just beginning to feel the reverberations of awakening, let’s just say that you’re in for one helluva ride. The matrix programmers are extremely brilliant and unless you learn to see the world through their eyes, you may as well brand yourself like a steer pumped up with hormones, antibiotics, and Posilac and head off for a date with a McDonald’s sesame seed bun.

Speaking of cattle, ever peep the sizes of the udders of the dairy cattle treated with bovine growth hormone manufactured by Eli Lilly, Monsanto and Upjohn? The mastitis is a rather unsettling sight to behold. Do you realize that all milk and milk derived products from ice cream to M&Ms contain this shite?  Deceptive advertising gimmicks like the friendly M&M characters are used to disarm the public regarding the health risks presented. Here’s an interesting topic for study – compare the rates of various diseases like obesity in the population before and after 1994, the year Posilac entered the food chain.

I can offer neither p values nor confidence intervals, but I do observe and compare the sizes of the school children walking down the street over the past 20 years. Recombinant bovine growth hormone is injected into dairy cattle and is absorbed by humans who consume the milk and milk derivatives. Moreover, the impact to humans was not sufficiently studied prior to introduction.  Hmmm, maybe the UK, Germany, Canada, Japan, and a host of other nations that contradict the FDA got the threat wrong. The FDA seemingly has the best interests of the public at heart else there would be no recall of the multitude of improperly tested pharmaceuticals they approved for use.

With the Super Bowl a week away, football yields another observation you may find interesting. The sanitizing of illegality via spectacle is something that we’ve unconsciously grown to accept. Michael Jordan and other world class athletes have taught us that excellent performance in the athletic arena can be used to whitewash Nikes’ sweatshops much like the English Premier League overlooked and sanitized the fact that Barclay’s Bank was comfortably involved with South Africa during apartheid.  As Mars Blackmon postulated, “It’s gotta be the shoes.”

While historically the circus has been used as an instrument of distraction, I find the conflation of military culture and professional athletics, most notably American football, to be a rather curious phenomenon. Popular media coverage of football is replete with metaphors of “battle,” “war,” “troops,” “general leading his army,” etc. and it’s impossible to miss the military pomp and circumstance that accompanies game coverage. Now, I understand the use of military rhetoric and propaganda as a recruiting tool often guised as patriotism, but I must humbly ask, are the same notions of “patriotism” inapplicable to fans of golf or tennis? Or did I miss the F-16 fly by at the PGA Championship?

Count the number of military ads in an hour block of football or basketball and compare it to another sport with more costly barriers to entry. I think you’ll notice an unsettling trend. Makes me wonder why the private school kids didn’t have recruiters extolling the virtues of “travelling the world” with a convenient omission of the “with one leg” clause. There were another group of fellas that undertook a hyper-militarization of the young, especially the lower socioeconomic classes through violent competition and rabid nationalism. Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer!!

Conspire to see

This one’s a bit off topic, but maybe there’s a method to the madness. There are primarily two reactions to information put forth by alternative theoreticians, more pejoratively referred to as conspiracy theories. The first is an automatic acceptance without investigation, and the second, an automatic declaration that what is heard must be false, also without investigation. There is however a third reaction and although significantly less common, it pretty much defines the response of us glitches. The strategy is to grant each encountered proposition equal weight at first blush, and then let the foundational premises and evidence do the rest. Et ex testimonio.

The discounters of alternative explanations are often dismissive because if they can’t conceptualize it, it must be false. The believers are likewise equally misguided as often times progressives, Theosophists, and even the Red Cross can become a threat facilitating the extinction of humanity.  There can be no real awakening in the absence of veritas however and thus our path is chosen by the force that drives us to seek comprehension.

Those in the know say that reciprocities exist within dichotomous conceptions but our tendency to operate solely within a framework of duality can be limiting. Take the story of human origins for example. Anyone who challenges the Darwin-Wallace evolutionary paradigm is automatically labelled as an advocate of the Genesis model. This is absurd. A or B may be sufficient for Chevy or Ford, paper or plastic, and Coke or Pepsi, but the story of humanity demands that we apply a highly discriminating intellect. After all, the word “man” in Sanskrit is loosely translated as “mind.” The trend of belittling those who seriously inquire into the pedagogical proffer is rather disconcerting. If we accept Schopenhauer’s model of the evolution of truth, namely first ridiculed, then vehemently opposed, then finally accepted as self evident, then at one point evolution itself must have been considered conspiratorial in nature.

So what happens when we examine evolution with that high powered microscope? Lemme preface this by saying that I’m no geneticist, so if you can shed additional light, please don’t hesitate to chime in.  And, this ought NOT be construed as an endorsement of creationism, I just think that the trend of teaching evolution as immaculate fact of human origins is problematic.  Evolution is usually presented as a sacred cow and any questioning of the paradigm is tantamount to heresy. But, there are some gaps in the coverage that the salesmen conveniently omit when extolling the robustness of the policy. Micro evolutionary principles remain robust, but there is a chasm that has yet to be satisfactorily explained where you and i are concerned. 

In the words of Cicero, it is not weight of authority but force of argument that should be considered. So let’s take a look at the argument shall we. Based on the work of Lloyd Pye and others, apparently there are huge discontinuities between man and the various apes for whole mitochondrial DNA, genes for RH factor, and human Y chromosomes.  According to KD Smith’s 1987 study Repeated DNA Sequences of Human Y Chromosomes, most human Y-chromosome sequences so far examined do not have homologues on the Y chromosomes of other primates. This observation suggests that a significant proportion of the human Y chromosome is composed of sequences not acquired from primates.  The human female X does look “ape-like,” but not the male Y.  Evolutionary biologists find similar genes between man and ape and construct a tree of descent while ignoring the disparities that seems to be staring them in the face.  There is also no evidence of macro-evolution i.e. not a single transitional, unambiguous species has ever been found in the fossil record. When something is as vehemently defended as the theory of evolution is, even to the point where questioning is tantamount to professional suicide, it is incumbent upon you to inquire into what else you may be deceived about.

In the last few years I’ve become rather enamored with the idea that the alchemical differentiation of a prime source substance into a phenomenological universe is an intelligent process.  I often wonder about the degree to which man can enter into direct experiential knowledge of this intelligence. I’ll keep you guys posted on that subject but until then, consider that there is a principle:

That speech does not illumine, but whereby speech is illuminated,

That the eye does not see, but whereby the eye can see,

That cannot be heard by the ear, but whereby the ear can hear,

Is not conceived by mind, but whereby the mind can conceive. (Kena Upanishad)

One love,



Radical democracy against cultures of violence

I would like you to take a moment out of your day and read this insightful piece by Dr. Henry Giroux. Any steps toward transcending our limitations as a society demand that we identify the conditioning to which we have been subjected and and often times accepted without question. A society after all is but a collection of individuals.

Philosophers for Change


by Henry A. Giroux

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. –– Nelson Mandela

Guy Debord once argued that the spectacle suggests society’s desire for sleep.[1] He was enormously prescient, and his words and work are more important today than when they were first written. The spectacle has been energized and reworked under the forces of neoliberalism and now promotes a mix of infantilism, brutality, disposability and lawlessness. As the visibility of extreme violence is endlessly reproduced in various cultural apparatuses and screen cultures, it functions increasingly, alongside a range of other economic and political forces, to legitimate a culture of cruelty and disposability in everyday life. Pleasure is now colonized in the service of violence, reinforcing Rustom Bharacuha’s claim that “there is an echo of the pornographic in maximizing the pleasure of violence.”[2]

Casino capitalism feeds on the spectacle, whitewashing history while…

View original post 5,027 more words

Techniques of Consciousness Change – Robert Anton Wilson

OK Soul Rebels,

I’ve got a confession to make. When time permits, one of my guilty pleasures is listening to lectures by various thinkers. I know, I know, not terribly exciting. It’s a lot more thrilling to suspend the reuptake of serotonin while psytrance djs take me nimbus hopping and remind me about the non-local nature of reality. But, as a wise man once quipped, “Man shall not live by bread alone.”

The lecture format has been particularly beneficial in the course of my own interior transformation, at least from the standpoint of transcending the conditioning of the “Indweller.” This discourse with R.A.W. is rather interesting and I figured as a slight variation on our Sunday Matinee theme, I’d share it with you. Wilson addresses a broad spectrum of topics and pushes the limits of conventional thought. As always, there is no truth until you decide what truth to incorporate within your own reality tunnels.

One love,


Ponerology – The study of evil


Nǐ hǎo Matrix Glitches!

I stumbled across this Polish dude droppin’ some knowledge and methinks you folkses will find this to be pretty interesting. It seems like a refreshing look at the origins of the psychopathy underlying the instrumentalities of power. Here’s the link:


“In the author’s opinion, Ponerology reveals itself to be a new branch of science born out of historical need and the most recent accomplishments of medicine and psychology. In light of objective naturalistic language, it studies the causal components and processes of the genesis of evil, regardless of the latter’s social scope. We may attempt to analyze these ponerogenic processes which have given rise to human injustice, armed with proper knowledge, particularly in the area of psychopathology. Again and again, as the reader will discover, in such a study, we meet with the effects of pathological factors whose carriers are people characterized by some degree of various psychological deviations or defects.(Lobaczewski, 42)

“With very few exceptions down the ages, discussions in moral philosophy – the study of right conduct – have failed to systematically investigate the origin, nature, and course of evil in a manner free from supernatural imaginings. Evil was often considered something to be endured rather than something that could be understood and eliminated by rational measures. And – as Lobaczewski demonstrates – the origin of evil actually lies outside the boundaries of the conventional worldview within which the earlier moral inquiries and literary explorations were conducted. Evil requires a truly modern and scientific approach to lay bare its secrets. This approach is called “ponerology”, the study of evil, from the Greek “poneros” = evil.

Our modern Western culture lacks an adequate framework to understand the causes and processes of what we commonly refer to as evil in our history. The Third Reich, the Bolshevik Revolution, Stalinism… Our body of literature, social sciences, and our common sense of morality only scratch the surface of a true comprehension of the nature of evil. Thus, the very people who are, in fact, the initiators of the greatest ponerogenic activity pass undetected. Our lack of understanding will inevitably lead to the very problems that the majority of humanity seeks to prevent.”

I think this is a novel consideration of the problem of evil. Is it truth? Well, that’s for you guys to determine. And remember, Jedi training must culminate in an expansion of consciousness to facilitate gnosis and it can only be accomplished by a radical disassociation from all established conventions of belief.

One love,


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