Vigilante Tantrums


Friends, Romans, countrymen, and even my fellow psychic explorers who tune in from time to time, I think a chat is somewhat overdue. Today’s controlling archetype seems to be the valiant sentinel chicken and a clucking is in order. Got some stuff on my mind that just might interest you.  In the realm of epidemiology, our friend the sentinel chicken is housed several miles from the outskirts of a population center to indicate potential infectious threats.  Well, it seems to this vagabond toting words, that the infections associated with Consumer Capitalism 2.0 are mental in nature and require identification to facilitate distillation within the crucible of your lives.

Lemme first apologize about the radio silence as every now and again I like to engage my mental cloaking device for a minor reprieve from the information overload. The incessant data delivery is definitely detrimental, even to devotees of the Dewey decimal system.  Speaking of going all Death Star on their asses, I’ve been meaning to do a post for those of you who desire a certain degree of web anonymity.  Let’s just say that the Jedi and the Sith are engaged in a battle for the soul of the web and you’ve been told that the guys on your side, that the new “Freedom Fighters,” are your enemies.

Are you surprised by this? If so you may reference Iraq, Vietnam, and ask just how barely literate guys in predominantly Afro-American projects learned the process whereby sodium bicarbonate is used to chemically de-protonate cocaine hydrochloride salt into its purest base form with exponentially higher addictive properties.  Trust me folks, the “crack epidemic” and its mandatory minimums were created long before any implementation. And if you really want something to crack you up (just couldn’t resist), you may wanna ask about how the fellas that started feeding programs for poverty-stricken ghetto children were declared as threats to national security while you’re at it.  I think a res ipsa loquitor reference may be warranted here.  This action definitely speaks for itself.  (See COINTELPRO)

If you’re concerned about online privacy with all the internet monitoring buzz here are some links to get you started.  If you don’t want all-seeing eyes prying into your web traffic, do some research into the TOR Browser Project, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and the search engine DuckDuckGo. This should point you in the right direction to get going.  Imho, Aaron Swartz, Jeremy Hammond, Julian Assange, and Anonymous are not your enemies.  The golfers who launch drones, criminalize dissent, and define national security as the right to slaughter innocents and overthrow democratically elected world leaders are waaaay more detrimental to your well-being. (Just ask Jacob Arbenz, Salvador Allende, and Mohammed Mossadeq to name a few.)

The internet is a forum for open dissemination of ideas and it MUST not be relegated to the status of a fancy mall. If not for a free and open web, we might still believe that a million Iraqi people were slaughtered for their own freedom, or that Israel is a benevolent nation threatened by the terrible Palestinians. This maybe considered reality in Hollywood or via other media channels owned by the sycophants of a Zionist state, but not in the real world amigos.  Israel’s actions are considered illegal everywhere but Congress, AIPAC fundraisers, and on the set of Death before Dishonor.

Copyright protection seems to be at the core of the arguments for restricting the web, but technology giveth and technology taketh away. These 75+ year extended copyright protections granted to the D.C. pocket stuffers are absurd. Disney, Warner Bros, Universal et al built their fortunes on expanding upon ideas that already existed within the realm of human consciousness. Now they have the audacity to attempt to restrict the internet to protect copyright? I wonder if the share-cropper blues artists whose music was “borrowed” by the Rolling Stones and Elvis had claimed copyright violation, whether their claims to restrict content use and seek remuneration would be considered. Or whether they could utilize legal channels to seek injunctive relief to prevent theft of their songs?  How about Walt Disney “borrowing” Snow White and The Little Mermaid from the public domain without fear of reproach? Think you can “use” a Disney character or Warner song in your artistic creation?  Mickey will sue you and your heirs in perpetuity.

Most of us who blog are likely already aware of much of this, but I also write for the 16 year old guy or gal who’s just beginning to forge an identity and is inundated with ideology infused by a system that seeks to dehumanize him or her.  This is usually paired with absurd propositions like honor lies not in truth, compassion or ethics, but honor is surrendering all divine notions of individuality, having someone scream at and belittle you, and then sacrificing your life and limb without question for the balance sheets of GE and Halliburton. You will get a pin on your shirt though. I humbly ask, is this honor? Maybe to the same cabal who define transparency as the concealing of information from the public domain or democracy as installation of a compliant sociopath. This is irrefutable and both right and left wingers MUST concede this. The evidence is overwhelming.

Our friend Mr. Dawkins (wink wink!) coined the term meme back in the 1970s. A meme is essentially the smallest unit of an idea. The Marlboro Man is a meme.  $200 Air Jordan sneakers are a meme. Consuming rare, red meat is a meme. Most of us are quite willing to accept our memes from Madison Avenue, but in doing so, the only sacrifice to which we must succomb is the surrender of our individuality. What I’m trying to say brethren is don’t let others dictate the criteria of your consciousness.  One neither extols masculinity by consuming red meat to his detriment nor imbues herself with the celestial feminine by painting her face after injecting with botulism toxins.

Do you ever think about the source of your ideas? I mean where do you buy the goggles through which you view the world? We sure do love umbrella terms like Democrat, Republican, Christian, Jew, Muslim, or Libertarian, but what do these really mean? I freakin despise labels and to me a label means that when it comes to a particular subject, I don’t think for myself. Instead I surrender my inquiry and adopt whole-heartedly the half-assed promulgations of patriarchs.  Do you really want your conceptions of the universe framed by men in dresses, your manner of clothing determined by clueless “celebrities,” and your behavioral cues dictated by a sequence of light emitting diodes blinking in rapid succession?  When we look at just how daft our positions were in the past, I don’t  believe that we should consider our present conceptions are any less so. (See Cold War, shoulder pads, bell bottoms and jerry curls.)

I think this epistle serves up enough food for thought and I’ll stop there for today. Gracias for listening and would love any cogitations that you may wish to share. If you apply any definition to yourself folks, methinks you limit all other possible states. If I call myself a Buddhist, it means I couldn’t be an Alchemist. If I call myself a Republican, I couldn’t be a pacifist.  We could continue ad infinitum, but I think you get the idea.  Be lights unto yourselves Homo Luces, anything else is a disservice to your majestic nature.

One love,



About H3nry J3kyll
Vincit omnia veritas (using an obscure Latin heraldry motto makes one seem kinda learned and distinguished).

16 Responses to Vigilante Tantrums

  1. ptero9 says:

    Bravo Henry. The first part of my life was a genuine search to find my people via churches, schools of thought and more recently political identity, all of which brought me to my current understanding that to define myself is to limit myself and risk misunderstanding not only myself, but others.
    You have to wonder just how long the internet will exist as free as it is, but something tells me that data collection can and will be used against us at some point in time.

    • H3nry J3kyll says:

      Isn’t it liberating when you consider that no one else is in a position to dictate the terms of your life? Honestly Debra, I am glad that starting this blog has facilitated connection with people such as yourself. People who are fond of thinking and don’t resort to some externality for validation.

      There are people working behind the scenes like those at the TOR project to ensure freedom of the web. Let’s hope that it continues for the Millenial children. I have already resigned myself to the notion that everything I share is catalogued and linked to my IP address.

      But as I’ve come to learn, IP addresses have been known to change from time to time. :)


      • ptero9 says:

        Yes, it is liberating, but also brings with it some challenges, all of which, so far anyway, have rewarded me with a sense of greater clarity and satisfaction, not with answers so much as refining the questions.
        And most definitely, connecting here on WP with others who share in the desire to dig deep, question and be attentive to the times and climate we live in.
        My husband teases me that there’s a FEMA camp room with my name already on it :)

  2. Bravo. Very accurate description of how bad things have gotten – sad and funny at the same time.

    • H3nry J3kyll says:

      Hi Stuart, I hope that you are well. I too must laugh when I step back and take in the big picture. I think once we define just how pervasive the problem is, we can chart a safer course. Thanks for stopping by.

      • I’m in a great mood today. I’ve just finished a very inspiring book called “Slow Democracy” about how communities are taking back democracy on a local level. I’m working on a review.

  3. Jeff Nguyen says:

    Behavioral analysts learned long ago that repeating lies ad infinitum, people will begin to believe the lies. The U.S. military bans pysops against citizens of the homeland but Madison Avenue and Langley must not have gotten that memo. Keep spreading truth and waging peace, H3nry, every voice is needed.

    • H3nry J3kyll says:

      I wonder if the corp news falls within the definition of psyops? Surely seems like your mind is mush after an hour of CNN. Repetition and professional presentation – the mandatory criteria to make b.s. believable.

      • Jeff Nguyen says:

        In my mind, the corporate media is complicit if not actively a part of the program. Journalists should know better and fortunately there are some who are fighting the good fight…Chris Hedges, Naomi Klein, Glen Ford and the editors at Black Agenda Report just to name a few.

  4. loveresponds says:

    Henry, what a great conversation! Yes, we have been “trained” to try and categorize ourselves into different groups or labels. This then allows them to divide and conquer. People get so irate when I tell them I am just me – please do not label me even if the intention is good. There is no label for each of us. I am me and we are us. It is that simple.
    I also think by training us to pick and choose sides, they have deterred us from really exploring the being that we truly are. PTB are scared that we will find our true selves in mass and then act upon the power that we really have, yet so many do not grasp it yet. As bleak as things appear, and yes it is, we have a lot of positive happening in this world. People are waking up to who they really are and no group will be able to stop this momentum.
    Thank you for your thoughts, I do enjoy them! Much love, Henry! Have a wonderful day!

  5. May I reblog, H3nry?

    • H3nry J3kyll says:

      Sure. I am honored that you consider it “share-able.”

      • It’s quite “share-able”–beware,typing is an issue with me this evening. Heavy sigh–such a joy when neuron misfire repeatedly. An exercise in patience and retyping. Mea culpa all the way.
        Personal note: As I read comments here and elsewhere I have learned the upside of my growing years. Yes, indeed, there are things to be said for fighting for the freedom of your mind-space on a day to day basis. You never take it for granted and you never let anyone tell you what to think or who you are. Another cloud with a very silver lining. )
        Thank you so much, H3nry. )

        • H3nry J3kyll says:

          It is nice to get a glimpse of the “mind-space” that you inhabit my friend. There is an implicit wisdom therein. The thanks definitely go both ways. And for the reblog also :)

  6. Reblogged this on 47whitebuffalo's Blog and commented:
    H3nry is chatting about some very interesting items of concern to everyone who loves cyber-surfing–and other things about internet freedom and other freedoms that are of vital concern to the freedom of the imagination. He’s neatly covered a few things simmering in my brain-pan so I thought I’d like to share his fun little take on those items of concern. Aside: yes, DuckDuckGo is real search engine. It quacks along quite nicely with the clucking hens and cheeky rooster. If you haven’t yet discovered H3nry’s blogcasa, now might be your chance. He’s some fun Cool Reads, rants and strolls too. No, not trolls, strolls, as in cyber-strolling. Now where did Mr. Hyde get to?

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