Homo Luces


“What unsuspected marvels we should find if we knew how to dissect words, to strip them of their bark and liberate the spirit, the divine light which is contained within.” – Fulcanelli

Greetings fellow Matrix glitches!

I haven’t rambled in a while so I figured some high-grade discourse was due. More “high” than “grade” but as Alan Watts eloquently stated, “Have no recrimination against yourself for the element of irreducible rascality that you possess.”  I hope that the last few audio/visual posts have caused a little reverberation in the felt concretion of experience that you refer to as reality. I also hope that you’ve been able to move towards an awareness of the Fleece or at least grasp the Mind-speak construct that any attempt to know some thing is tantamount to trying to taste your own tongue.

The wise ones have said that the Fleece is not something external to you, and it’s neither gold nor is it a fleece. The quest is actually more about cleansing the dross to unearth something that you’ve possessed all along. Remember amigos, language is but an imperfect expression of truth. Words are not truth in and of themselves, but merely serve as a compass pointing the way to truth. One tends to identify with doctrine to his own detriment when not cognizant of this truism.

So, my initial plan was criticism of our societal decision-making structure in terms of the negative impact of money on politics.  But I’ve had a change of heart. More specifically, we’ve been through this previously. Politics is like the disease of addiction, it is a direct circumcision of will.  With few exceptions, these marionettes are twiddled by the invisible hand of finance capital and that abstraction values neither life nor limb.  It is an insidious consolidation of power that seeks to extend its stranglehold in direct contradiction of any principle of inherent liberty. One of the prevalent mythologies of the last 100 years is that history is an organic process. Prior to the 20th Century, no one operated with this fallacy of perception. There are actors that shape the course of history and seek to model humanity to serve their narrow agendas.

Ah, but what will be, is, at least in the sphere that lies outside the domain of my control. A wonderful response to a comment I made by a fellow blogger has helped my decision to embrace and multiply different emotions for now. Or maybe it’s the astrological significance of the end of Samhain, Pitru Paksha, or All Hallow’s Mas? (I know the positivists are cringing, but in the case at bar we’ll use global human convention of thought and ritual as evidence of the period’s auspicious nature).  Plus, I’m pretty sure that you’re already aware of how terrible the living situation has become for the working class as well as the ruinous impact of 50 more years of a fossil fuel driven existence.  I trust that within the framework of your own lives you endeavor to embrace harmonic principles of existence.  Leave the shiny stones for cockatiels, bank locally, eat organic, locally grown food, turn off the t.v., and take responsibility for your existence. If the normal channels are unable to provide redress of your grievances, a few picket signs and some group noise always appear to shake things up just a tad.

Most of us seem to saunter through life without a fleeting thought about the mechanism by which two cells become a trillion after 46 divisions of the first pair and each cell encodes the informational directive of every other. We give no consideration to the quantum alchemy by which plants use chlorophyll and sunlight to create food that sustains all life either directly or indirectly.  We live in a world so inundated by materialist rationality that it has become more of a vice than a tool to gain any legitimate understanding about one’s existence. Few wonder beyond the explanations proffered by our “trusted” institutions and many who initially aim to seek and share knowledge often end up with a more dogmatic perspective than those whom they sought to “enlighten.”

I’ve noticed that atheists and fundamentalists have a lot more in common than they may initially realize. Both apply the same Mind-speak to the word “God” in that both conceive a bearded gentleman in the sky tampering with humanity. While atheists say there’s no bearded chap, the fundamentalists promise eternal damnation for non-recognition of this fellow. Each is insistent upon his “truth” although as Terence McKenna said, “primates aiming small mouth noises at each other cannot speak of ultimate truths.”

So where does this leave you and I?

Cum luce salutem

For the seekers who aim to transmute the self-centered effort to succeed into a spiritually centered effort to serve the Grand Process of Universal Procedure, you are most certainly not insignificant.  Life is after all a quest for interior insight and transformation. The diagramming of “the experience” as a mechanistic model of interacting laws is equally as insufficient as the Master Potter granting boons and doling out spiritual flagellation.

Consider truth as light. The realization of Homo Luces is certainly possible but it can only occur if we seek to immanentize the eschaton within the framework of our individual existence. Though initially used pejoratively by the “it’s our province to bomb the world” crowd,  I think it’s time for a re-branding of the phrase “immanentize the eschaton.”  No eschatological judgment is necessary as the eschaton is to be realized within the divine cathedral of your own body. Similar to the inherent teleological capacity of nature to tend towards its own ends, the human endeavor possesses similar intrinsic finality. The conscious application of the will to strive for the higher order of “the Good” ought to act in a complimentary fashion.

Be lights unto yourselves as the Buddha quipped millennia ago. There is no objective Shangri La since we each have a different version of what constitutes a utopian world. But we can create consensus along the dimensions of life to harm no one and divide all resources equally among all men.  The first objective is to seek truth above all else tempered only by compassion. Humility must also guide one’s pursuits. Not humility in the sense of an intelligent person claiming ignorance or self-negation of a divinely proportioned face, but true humility. Humility as exemplified by creating the most majestic sculpture or deriving the most complex mathematical proof and feeling no different than if a neighbor had done so. (This is a definition coined by the Christian mythologist C.S. Lewis.)

The technology underlying the noumenon has been described as relating to the phenomenological as a supernova is to a flashlight. Moreover, the differentiation of a prime source substance into a phenomenological universe is an intelligent process. All is Mind so to speak. So this then raises the million dollar question, “Can mind as we understand it thus far, originate Newtonian effects?”

I’ll leave you to ponder this question for now as I’m sure you have additional demands placed upon your time and I’ve rambled on long enough. Remember before you kneel in genuflection before any promise of paradise preordained in prose, the conscious human mind cannot conceptualize infinity. In case you’re trying right now, whatever you think of, just double it or add the quantity 1. Trying to relay an experience of such with words to a 3rd party is likely to result in utter confusion.

Keep well as you pursue your quest for understanding. Dream blue my friends as the white widow weaves her web of wonder aboard the ghost train tunneling through the purple haze.

One love,


(a track for your quest…)


About H3nry J3kyll
Vincit omnia veritas (using an obscure Latin heraldry motto makes one seem kinda learned and distinguished).

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