Sunday Matinee – THRIVE

I encourage you to independently verify any assertions made by the producers of this film. Remember compadres, believe nothing, merely entertain ideas.

“THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream — uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives.” (Shared for informational value only as I have not sufficiently researched the movement to either support or criticize)

I think we all know what’s at stake by now and it’s time to stop trying to plug holes one at a time while confusing the moon with the finger pointing the way to it.  The system is not broken, it was designed this way. Somewhere they talk about the pharaohs disappearing into the sea, into the sea alright, the sea of humanity. So while we could debate capitalism, Marxism, anarcho-socialism or any of the other -isms, these are only beautiful on the pristine pages of a Political Theory 101 textbook. Something has always prevented humanity from ensuring that each and every man, woman and child has the right to self-determination. And this predates Adam Weishaupt by 2500 years.

Ancient Egyptian Slavery1

Officials with Serfs Receiving Their Freedom


Change the flag, aristocratic iteration, or victims, the song remains the same. A rather small group has previously and still continues to maintain that its well being ought to be ensured at the expense of the right of others to live.  Hope you enjoy the film.

One love,


About H3nry J3kyll
Vincit omnia veritas (using an obscure Latin heraldry motto makes one seem kinda learned and distinguished).

16 Responses to Sunday Matinee – THRIVE

  1. I’ve already seen it and remember it being worth my time.

  2. Henry,
    The subtitle “What On Earth Will It Take” says it all. What will it take for the MSM to even mention “Thrive” the movie? I guess one should be grateful that so many millions have viewed it in spite of MSM censorship.

    • Henry Jekyll says:

      Hey Jerry, I think it’s safe to completely eliminate the main stream media as a viable platform providing worthwhile information. And personally I could also do without the hyper dominant themes or emotional porn that defines main stream entertainment. Glad you liked the film.

  3. I watched the film and thoroughly studied the website about a year ago. I come from a working class background and tend to be skeptical of the premise that a billionaire has the hot angle on political organizing. It’s estimated that homo sapiens existed quite contentedly, with a relative abundance of food for everyone for 200,000 years. Then about 10,000 years ago there was an agricultural revolution that included animal domestication, the development of social classes, and the oppression of women.

    Despite this innovation, most societies continued to guarantee their citizens access to communal lands until the 18th century Enclosure Acts when all land was privatized. It was at this point, that wealth became progressively more concentrated – to the point wealth inequality shot through the roof.

    If Proctor Gamble were serious about remedying wealth inequality, he would be advocating to end the right of private banks to control our money supply and for the end of land monopolization by the rich through a Land Value Tax.

    Change isn’t nearly as complicated as the film makes out.

    • Henry Jekyll says:

      Thank you for adding to the discussion. I was hoping that someone had vetted the site as I too am cautious about billionaires bearing solutions.
      My aim in sharing the film however was more for its informational value than its merit as a singular solution. I have vetted some of the claims made regarding the suppression of technological developments and repression of ideas in new energy and the claims made by Foster Gamble are not idle conspiracy theories.

  4. ptero9 says:

    I am watching/listening now. I am aware of the controversy between Gamble and some of the people interviewd in the film. But, I do think the movie does a good job of laying out the issues that are messing us up.I have mixed feelings about how well organized and intentionally designed world affairs might be by a cooperative group of elites. Not saying I don’t believe that is the case, but I am a bit skeptical. I have trouble imagining people in power coming together to cooperate with each other, but rather see them as individuals vying for power perfectly willing to throw other powerful people under the bus as is needed to protect their own interests.
    I do think we may be moving towards a global form of governance, but it might be happening organically and not necessarily intentionally. I think human relations show a pattern in which some people never find contentment and get caught up in a game with others like themselves where the players keep seeking more and more power, developing bigger and bigger Fifedoms and so continue to move us all towards bigger, centralized forms of government as each structure legislates itself into positions of monopoly to eliminate the competition.

    • Henry Jekyll says:

      Thanks for stopping by Debra. I was hoping for some discourse and am glad you took the time to comment. I share your skepticism regarding elites planning the well being of everyone and do agree about the endless vying for positional supremacy. However when insidious trade agreements like NAFTA and the latest behemoth the TPP is scheduled for fast track thru Congress by the administration, I question the organic nature of the global governance trend.

      For what it’s worth it was good to see a member of the 1% acknowledge the deleterious effects of the current political and economic policy framework. Btw, the suppression of technological advancements in the energy sector is also something addressed in the film that has a great deal of merit.

      • ptero9 says:

        I agree with what you call insidious Henry. There is very little if anything worth defending at the Federal level of government in the US, from the No child left Behind act to the ACA, it is all overreach in my book, even if well-intentioned.
        By organic, I do not mean to imply that it is a good thing, but that it is natural, as is oil that naturally finds its way to the top when mixed with water. That is how I view power and so, see it as organic. Not making a moral judgment, just noting a natural tendency for power to rise to the top.
        It’s despicable to imagine that there are viable solutions to our energy needs that are being suppressed. I do believe that corporations are privileged, buying regulations that give them an edge, as long as they are willing to support the re-election campaigns of lawmakers in DC.
        I do worry about the need to place people in categories of 1% and 99% only because I truly fear that at some point when the current structure all comes tumbling down, that we’ll end up like 19th century France or early 20th century Russia, engaging in a revolution filled with more hate and bloodshed, hopeful that the little people will finally defeat the powerful elites, when history has shown us a very different outcome is more likely.
        Honestly, I don’t know what to do about the oil and water problem. How do those who seek power transform into people with hearts? and again, I suggest that it is misguided to assume that every poor person in the 99%, given the opportunity, wouldn’t simply replace an elite in the 1%, with the same amount of greed and ill will toward the rest of humanity.
        I do believe that it makes a difference to have the conversations and am happy to share with you my thoughts and to consider yours.
        Much respect,

    • Henry Jekyll says:

      “I suggest that it is misguided to assume that every poor person in the 99%, given the opportunity, wouldn’t simply replace an elite in the 1%, with the same amount of greed and ill will toward the rest of humanity.”
      It’s like you read my mind. :)
      Maybe we seek to craft a process whereby those who seek power are excluded from positions of governance?? lol I think we need to redefine our myths whereby the protagonist is once more the philosopher and the conqueror is merely a supporting character.

      • ptero9 says:

        Okay! Yes..:) All those who want to run for office are immediately disqualified, lol.
        Was it Woody Allen who said he wouldn’t join any club that would have him as a member, or something like that?
        So ironic, and what a conundrum!
        If people could only see the value in having all the voices sitting at the table.
        Thanks Henry, personally I think that placing the ideas on a shared table and allowing a little discomfort of tasting the foreign food of new ideas would do us all some good.
        I think that WordPress invites the kind of dialogue that is much needed, but I am not sure why.

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