Knowledge is Power – The Fluoride Deception

Hey all, I would like to apologize, but I’ve sat on this little nugget for some time now though I’ve been meaning to bring it to your attention.

Lately I’ve been plagued with the notion of whether I can offer anything meaningful or novel to those who read what I share. When you sit and contemplate the nature of your thoughts, what you realize is that outside direct human experience, you can know nothing, and the body of collected knowledge upon which the edifice of ego is erected, is at best a house of cards. Trying to write from the standpoint of having something worthwhile to add to the collective human experience thus seems like an insurmountable hurdle at times.

I understand the importance of re-writing the hyper-masculine, dominator narrative, but is knowledge about the control of governments exercised by the Bank for International Settlements really helpful to your individual experience of reality? Or is it mere multiplication of the helplessness and negativity that inundates consumer capitalism v2.0? Though I can’t answer such questions with any degree of certainty, I shall try to share with you any beneficial information that has entered my field of conscious awareness.

In this video, award-winning journalist Christopher Bryson examines one of the great secret narratives of the industrial era; how a grim workplace poison and the most damaging environmental pollutant of the cold war was added to our drinking water and toothpaste. If you find any merit to this presentation, you can find the additional parts to the documentary here (The Fluoride Deception). I’ve always questioned the science that underpins the purported “link” between oral health and an industrial waste product and it seems that my concerns have been shared by others.  After all, the benefits guaranteed to the neo-serf have been made by the same folks who vouched for asbestos, Diethylstilbestrol, and DDTThe decision to eliminate the ingestion of fluoride ultimately rests with you, but I hope this aids in your decision making.

One love,



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7 Responses to Knowledge is Power – The Fluoride Deception

  1. skywanderer says:

    “Lately I’ve been plagued with the notion of whether I can offer anything meaningful or novel to those who read what I share. When you sit and contemplate the nature of your thoughts, what you realize is that outside direct human experience, you can know nothing, and the body of collected knowledge upon which the edifice of ego is erected, is at best a house of cards.”

    LOL – I absolutely love the way you put it!
    Made me wonder: but then, if we are in the position to realize that outside human experience we can know nothing, that IS knowledge outside human experience, isn’t it?
    And indeed, as you implied, there is a contradiction there, too: to what extent can knowledge be considered ‘power’ as long as it is “at best a house of cards”?
    Thank you so much for sharing this ACE! : )

    • Henry Jekyll says:

      Thank you for commenting Skywanderer. You truly do possess a keen wit! Life is all nuance eh? I guess we’ll leave the absolutes for the TEMPORARY narcissistic masters of the “free” market.

  2. Jeff Nguyen says:

    If it’s any consolation, the shared knowledge, experience and hope I have found from my fellow bloggers such as yourself has helped me to get my bearings in this intentionally shifting political landscape. Who knows which drop of water will be the one to bring down the levees?

  3. Henry Jekyll says:

    The feeling is 100% mutual Jeff. Sometimes I struggle with the notion of multiplying the negativity that already exists in a world seemingly entrenched in despair but you are quite correct. Plus, silence can always be construed as tacit approval. As far as anything else, I’ll chalk it up to a wonderful bit of solipsism.

  4. Henry,
    It looks like the film was made around 2000 (as of 1998, as of 1999 at the end). Does anyone know why fluoride has not been banned as a water additive? The film described the health effects but not why its addition to drinking water goes on. Is it profit?.. dumbing down-tranquilizing the public?.. Or what?
    Thank you,

    • Henry Jekyll says:

      At the beginning the narrator mentions Bryson’s book which was published in 2004 so maybe the film was made sometime after. I think you may be on to something regarding dumbing down and tranquilizing the public at large. Several social justice advocates have commented on the apathy of the modern generation when compared to the activists of the 1960s. I can safely state that US dental schools have not updated their curricula despite this info since dentists are still erroneously asserting that fluoride benefits oral health.

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