Re-writing the Narrative 101 – Part 1


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I haven’t written in a while, decided to give my lungs a bit of a detox from nature’s molecule of bliss that envelops the mind within a haze of creativity.  I hope that all’s well in your respective reality tunnels. If you live in Detroit, Iraq, Ireland, Greece, or anywhere else that the long arm of the invisible hand has extended its suffocating reach, have no fear, Benny Hinn and Joel Osteen have ensured us that humanity’s savior is en route. For ye of little faith within Babylon, the powers that be are on the case and have ideas to overcome the threat of Mexican immigrants and big government. We’re gonna maintain the low marginal tax rates on capital gains, cut food stamps and Medicare, freeze pensions, hike student loan rates and build a wall. This will definitely set things right. After all, austerity measures against the poor provide the most effective path to economic ebullience. Funny though, despite the rhetoric regarding circumstances that necessitate austerity, it sure seems like there are unlimited funds to keep the Mexicans out. The Canadians are seemingly okay though.

I trust that by now, the inability or rather the unwillingness of the POTUS, SCOTUS, and our enlightened patricians, (hereinafter referred to as “FUCKUS”) to effectuate meaningful change has become blatantly obvious. At the end of the day, there was more legitimate discord between Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the Iron Sheikh than between the Dems and Repubs, at least where substantive issues are concerned. Differing viewpoints exist regarding the willingness to countenance government control on hot-button topics like race and privacy; one group seems okay with adults shooting kids, overt government surveillance, state control of whom people marry and what women do with their bodies, while the other does not. But on corporations exporting jobs to countries without environmental regs and slave labor prohibitions (globalization), continued use of petroleum and now natural gas as the global power source, debt based fiat monetary systems, handing AIPAC a blank check to facilitate Zionist aggression, and unchecked military marauding, there’s pretty much consensus on Capitol Hill.

The lack of sophistication in modern America becomes all too apparent when free market ideologues bombard the media outlets with the absurd notion that any element of government regulation directed towards unfettered capitalism is tantamount to Lenin and Mao marching through the streets of Anytown USA, and the public willingly repeats this nonsense.  I’m sure we’ve all seen the comical anti-socialism signs held by Medicare recipients at Tea Party rallies. I realize that I am preaching to the choir here, but the narrative MUST continuously be challenged and eventually re-written. Free market ideology must not be allowed to stand unopposed. The social order has evolved over a framework of both market and non-market values and the neoliberal thrust to redefine the world solely by the former has led to disastrous results for the middle class. Furthermore, economic models do not include inputs for clean air, water, and quality of life.

So amigos, I’m gonna take a different route with this rant. I think it’s time for some truth based talking points to assist in challenging cousin Ronald, who extols the virtues of his namesake, at the next family get-together. Or anyone else around the water cooler for that matter who advocates the ludicrous position that unchecked corporatism is the path to prosperity for society. Usually these idiomatic absurdities take the form of, “Get the government off our backs so we can create jobs,” “Government is the downfall of American prosperity,” or “The unions have gotten too powerful.” By effectively externalizing the actual source of the problem through sleight of word, meaningful analysis becomes impossible.  The employment crisis confronting us today is merely a domestic manifestation of 21st Century globalization, the architect of which is private enterprise.

At the outset lemme just say that I am neither Communist nor Capitalist, Democrat nor Republican, nor do I define myself by any classification that neglects the complex nuance associated with being a human being. Ergo, I have no agenda and I’m just gonna call a spade a spade. We’ll leave the agendas to the Heritage Foundation, the Brookings Institute and ALEC.  If you’ve been conditioned by an institution of higher learning and must categorize an individual’s system of ideological constructs, let’s try anarcho-socialist-humanist-Jedi. Good ole Noam stated that if you argue a position in line with established power structures you need not provide evidence to support your assertions. The parrot-esque repetition practiced by the media will do the reinforcing for you. This effectively serves as evidence in the critical thinking challenged society in which we live.  Since my declarations are somewhat antithetical to mainstream assertions, I’ll provide illustrations where possible.

Just to give you a quick example, I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase “the liberal media.” This axiom seems to be repeated ad nauseum and Beck, Coulter and others have gained notoriety by leveling the claim that the media is liberal.   While this may be true for issues possessing a social content, if you actually examine the media content and coverage on issues of war, economics or challenges to mainstream science, you’ll find that the opposite is actually true. The media stance on substantive economic and policy issues is actually very conservative. I am sure we all sat riveted to the “liberal” media’s round the clock coverage of the Bradley Manning trial or the last conference on the ecological impact of the BP oil spill. No? What about an ABC segment on the militarization of civilian police units or 60 Minutes addressing the use of depleted uranium by US and Israeli forces?  Still nothing?  Hmm, aren’t these issues with which a liberal media should be concerned? However, we did get voluminous coverage of a hot button liberal topic like the racially charged Trayvon Martin shooting. This illusion of meaningful news may possess a liberal slant to coincide with majority opinion but this is certainly an exception. The media’s liberality is congruous with the established structures of power.

Let’s take a look at the coverage of the current financial crisis confronting Motor City. The talking points all include the usual buzzwords and allegations of mismanagement and incompetence directed towards the public officials and the unions. A CNBC commentator even suggested that the overly generous pension plans of city employees are at the heart of the problem. Surely there was evidence presented to bolster the claim that diminutive contributions to the school bus driver or park janitor pensions are the sine qua non of the city’s bankruptcy. Sadly, not a shred. Support of the official position does not require evidence and since union busting and war on the middle class are en vogue, I’m sure you can connect the dots.  Not once have I heard the “liberal” media acknowledge the detrimental impact of NAFTA on decimating the city’s tax base. Keep this in mind the next time Face the Nation or Chris Matthews conducts a round table discussion on the plight of Motown.

NAFTA certainly increased commercial traffic across the borders of North America but this was all done within the framework of command economies. The effect being somewhat analogous to a company moving products from a warehouse in Florida to one in Louisiana. The major GM shareholders and execs benefitted from the decreased production costs but the small businesses that had developed around the auto industry in Detroit and thrived for several generations were virtually wiped out overnight. Many of these folks migrated elsewhere effectively slashing the tax base by 40%. The mom and pop engine rebuilders, auto parts stores, upholstery manufacturers, etc. could not compete with the influx of cheap industrial suppliers that sprung up south of the border. I guess we owe this gem of bi-partisan legislative wisdom to the poster boy of the new left- good ole Billy Clinton.

I realize that the demands placed upon our time are great and other activities certainly compete with reading blogs. Thus, I’ve decided to split this into more than one part. I think I’ve rambled on long enough for today. In part two I’ll provide some bullet points on the rise of neo-liberalism, privatization of the commons and the Lafferble [sic] premises upon which Reaganomics evolved.

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9 Responses to Re-writing the Narrative 101 – Part 1

  1. allistercrow says:

    I’ll start with the “negative” as some call it. Spade is an offensive word and the term has a racially insensitive history. I am not calling you bad. I am saying that it may not help all of your arguments with people who will care about that. As for the bit about “liberal media”–that is absolutely correct. They tow the line around issues related to foreign trade and business. They don’t want to upset the connections between government and corporations. They call every Florida shooting trial of the week a piece of news to distract us.
    And I love that they are called FUCKUS

    Sincerely and not backing away from the term socialist,

    • Henry Jekyll says:

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I am glad you pointed out the offensive nature of the word spade. I had not heard it used outside the realms of of gardening and cards, but you do learn something new every day. I certainly do applaud your stance to embrace the term socialist. IMHO, an intelligent approach to solving the problems that confront us mandates that the merits of all political and economic systems be analyzed.
      I look forward to exploring socialismthroughnonviolence.

      Just outta curiousity, does your name bear reference to the founder of Thelema?

  2. Jeff Nguyen says:

    “anarcho-socialist-humanist-Jedi”…I like it. You’ve made so many good points I lost count. The “divide and conquer” policies used by the ruling class to control the discourse owes much to the corporate media outlets who make their job simple. While we argue about gun/gay rights, our “elected” officials have given away the store, sometimes not even to the highest bidder. Good to hear your voice in the blogosphere again!

  3. skywanderer says:

    “our enlightened patricians, (hereinafter referred to as “FUCKUS”)”
    “A CNBC commentator even suggested that the overly generous pension plans of city employees are at the heart of the problem. Surely there was evidence presented to bolster the claim that diminutive contributions to the school bus driver or park janitor pensions are the sine qua non of the city’s bankruptcy.”

    Oh, boy, in addition to offering such a refreshing amount of reason and humanity, this post seriously cracked me up.

    Please allow me to offer in reply an “ad from the future” that explains in no uncertain terms much of the behaviour of the species FUCKUS. For the sake of truth am boldly facing the imminent accusations that conspiracy theorist simpletons like myself duly deserve:

    And on the serious side, there is a rant I committed some time ago on the same subject that reflects my total meltdown after being exposed to a uniquely disgusting reality show from the UK. It is produced by two of the business-ubermench class who urgently need to be salvaged from the most dangerous greedy low-class parasites of society – like the disabled and the single mums – who dare to claim their welfare benefits:

    Enough is enough: WE all pay your super-benefits, Nick and Margaret

    • Henry Jekyll says:

      Thanks for the kind words Skywanderer. I think a bit of humor is needed to prevent those of us who perceive reality with humane eyes from becoming overwhelmed when we evaluate the state of affairs confronting our world.
      You will find neither accusation nor criticism for any conspiracy theories here my friend. I reject the label “conspiracy theorist” because imho, it is used to prevent institutional analysis and criticism. It is a fact that a small yet powerful cabal dictates global policy. It is also a fact that the forefathers of this cabal dictated global policy in the past. Do the same individuals move between leadership roles in government, business and academia? No conspiracy needed for that answer. Anyone who looks into the sources of funding for the Nazi war machine or the creation of the Federal Reserve, heck even the deaths of the Kennedy brothers will soon realize just how deep the rabbit hole really is.

      • skywanderer says:

        I am immensely grateful for your thoughts and for your generous reception of
        my humble attempts to respond to them.
        Since we are in perfect agreement on all counts I don’t mean to argue in any way. On the contrary. My comments are simply to convey my most enthusiastic appreciation for your brilliant work and to offer some of my own thoughts (and related posts) as an addition to the topic.

        In fact I didn’t mean to imply I was expecting accusations from you or from your readers – it was more like an embedded self-irony and a hidden message to encourage ourselves to be brave enough to apply the term “conspiracy”, exactly because we are officially discouraged to do so.
        As you put so eloquently “it is used to prevent institutional analysis and criticism. It is a fact that a small yet powerful cabal dictates global policy”

        Exactly! But for the same reason that we feel compelled – quite understandably – to reject the label “conspiracy theorist”, I embrace it. Also for the sake of the naked truth and for retaining the right to call a spade a spade. Because after my research I am convinced that what causes most of the miseries in our world is indeed a conspiracy in the strictest, narrowest sense of the word.

        Since I have been awake from my multi-layered matrix-dream, I eventually also did – like you and probably many others before me – identify the existence of a hostile world government as the one big problem we face. Yet, this one ultimate issue remains unresolvable because the supporters covered all angles in defence of the scheme, and accordingly those who in any way expose the fact of the WG’s existence are automatically put onto display and ridiculed as clowns, idiots, delusional, paranoid, alarmists, etc and immediately categorised as “politically incorrect”. Ie: poisoning the well par excellence. The inevitable consequence of this ingeniously placed fallacy is that those in the public sphere who would tackle the issue that should be tackled as the most serious of all, are not to be taken seriously, hence the problem that should be discussed and resolved in the first place is never discussed therefore never can be resolved.

        In short, this is an astonishingly perfect web of lies protected from every angle, and as such a conceptual trap that sadly enough works miraculously. So I have been wondering how to break free from it. In my view the only way out is again, the truth, ie to hammer on it until the public start paying attention and take it as serious as it is, which implies, to begin with, to start calling the spade a spade and a conspiracy a conspiracy.

        One of the many aspects of this conspiracy theory in practice can be captured via the inception of a new superpower USE the formation of which was arranged behind closed doors in 2007, without the knowledge and consent of the affected 500 million Europeans. The secret plan was initiated and executed by a tiny group of EU-politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen and lawyers, via a deceptive international treaty – Lisbon Treaty – which is in fact the former EU Constitution in a disguised form. The story has been documented and whistle-blown by a former MEP an outstanding politician and man of integrity, the Danish Jens-Peeter Bonde, who after exposing the truth about the conspiracy was sidelined and forced to retire. The entire story is still buried by all MSM sources, with an amazing precision. Not even the Wikipedia article on Bonde covers the truth what Bonde revealed in his official and personal records about the conspiracy, and obviously there is no mention of the real reason and circumstances of his “retirement”.
        To me it is no coincidence either that the economic crisis set in after the foundation of this global empire in 2008.

        Another evident example of this ongoing international conspiracy is the manner the Iraq war was crafted. On a wide spectrum of theories from the wildest speculations including the 9/11 self-attack committed by the world government via the US lead – which unofficial stance after considering all else is the only logical explanation – on the official side we find a recently released documentary (coincidentally the director is also from Denmark) that includes the testimony of former high officials (!) on the details of how this international group crafted their defence-excuse for attacking Iraq and how they bullied the UN into endorsing the offence as defence, etc.

        On a general level, even Dr. David Harvey ( a leading scholar in social sciences and most cited author on the topic of neoliberalism) mentions the term “conspiracy” then amends it into “global project” in the interview in which he describes his book: “A brief history of neoliberalism” – a book that actually proves, relying on hard historical facts, that the current global destruction, class-power and wealth-concentration are the outcome of a global project intentionally geared toward such goals.

        I can’t thank you enough for your enlightening blog, my friend, and for the opportunity for this stimulating discussion. And yes, I am very much with you on the humour as well – it has been my saving grace ever since I woke up from the matrix-dream and found myself facing the ugly truth the majority refuses to take notice of.

        Links / references:

        World Government:
        1. Bilderberg debtocracy-attack revealed in the UK
        The invasion of the UK by World Government via sovereign debt:

        2. Democracy vs. the global state: Bilderberg conferences, inferences, references
        An article to reveal the links between:
        Bilderberg Group / global government – Loss of democracy world-wide
        Bilderberg Group – Troika (IMF-ECB-EC) – Coercive European Federalisation (EU/USE) – Debtocracy / purposefully induced sovereign debts – Purposefully induced world crisis – Uniform neo-liberal policies and austerity
        Bilderberg Group – NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

        Documentary on the background of the Iraq war:
        Those high officials who testify on a massive scale conspiracy as a basis of the Iraq war:

        Lawrence Wilkerson (former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell), Paul Pillar(national Intelligence Officer, CIA), Christopher Meyer (UK Ambassador to the US), Joseph Wilson (former US diplomat in Iraq and Africa), Frank Grevil (former Danish Intelligence Officer), Hans Blix (Head of the UN Weapons Inspectors in Iraq), Katharine Gun(UK Analyst, MI6) and Nader Mousavizadeb (Advisor to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annantidl).

        Proof on the EU conspiracy:

        The demo version of ‘kratos’ in the EU-empire: what’s the use of the USE?

        David Harvey’s must-read book (for those who have somehow dodged it so far – I did manage to dodge it for long):
        “A brief history of neoliberalism”

  4. Henry, Jeff and Skywanderer,
    You guys should consider writing a book. Either by yourself or as co-authors. Having read just a few of your writings. Hell just copy and paste the entirety of your blogs, and that includes comments sections. The damn thing is already written!!! Put a title like “Blogworld” or “Blogging For A New World” or… If you’ve never done an Ebook go to and download their free “Smashwords Style Guide” and you are good to go. Kindle’s only difference as far as formatting an Ebook is using a linked Table of Contents. Find tutorials on YouTube on how to create the cover in Paint, done. Seriously, you should consider it. To reiterate, the damn thing is already written.
    Thank you,

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