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And what is good Phaedrus,

And what is not good…

Need we ask anyone to tell us these things? (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance)

A somewhat expansive translation of the Chinese word for crisis suggests that it consists of two constituent characters, one meaning danger and the other opportunity. I’ll leave the readers to observe the world around us and draw independent conclusions as to whether or not humanity is confronting a crisis period.  Plutocrats, zealots and movie execs alike seem to capitalize on the current fears of the general public and propose that this chaotic period is indicative of various eschatological scenarios. The declaration of “end-times” in evangelical Protestantism, the distortion and mis-information regarding the Mayan calendar last year, and just in case anyone’s been living in paradise, terrorists are everywhere. Magicians supposedly used the wood of the holly tree to make their wands and it seems that “Hollywood” is in on the racket of bewitching the public.

Did you notice that as public support for the “war against justice” (wink wink!) and tacit approval of military misconduct as a whole begun to decline, there was an increase in prevalence of military themes and terrorist attacks in the films promoted by major movie studios. Olympus has fallen, Zero Dark Thirty, White House Down, even the superheroes have joined in on the action. I know, I know, that’s just a coincidence. Probably just a coincidence too that former senator Chris Dodd is now chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America.  Coincidence is but a word for law unrecognized. The human biocomputer can be easily programmed by visual imagery and the plutocracy is not oblivious of this fact.  Madison Ave has been selling over-priced junk based on this pearl of wisdom for generations and only after you buy it do you realize that there is no “Axe-effect.”

One of the unexpected joys of starting this blog was the discovery of a community of individuals who actually care enough about the world in which we live to want to improve it. A group that voluntarily undertook the task of raising public awareness of the virulent impact of GMO foods, decimation of the ecosystem, suppression of human rights, blatant illegality by big pharma, criminal conduct of the governments that we have duly elected to serve our well-being, etc., etc., etc.  Sure seems that we are beleaguered by an ever lengthening list of maladies.  I have nothing but the utmost respect for you who dedicate your time towards sharing information and keeping us informed about the miscreants that seek to preserve their status at the expense of humanity. Hat’s off to you. I think you serve as somewhat of a global immune system, faced with the seemingly insurmountable task of raising awareness to combat the neoliberal sickness plaguing humanity.

The beauty of the cosmos is in its capacity to serve as an engine for the emanation of novelty. The last 15 or so billion years have served if for nothing else, to produce systems of increasing complexity. As the attribute-less early universe cooled, exotic juxtapositions of molecular arrangements continuously produced new structures. The only constant in the universe seems to be change yet we oppose this with ridiculous doctrines such as conservatism. (Interesting enough, conservatism seems to advocate a position that conserves very little). Maybe it’s time to begin to seriously consider some alternatives to the antiquated, fossil fuel driven, military-petro-capitalist complex. It is wasteful, harmful, and downright stupid. The benighted officials that supposedly act in our best interest certainly won’t do it.

There is an old axiom, ignorance is bliss. However such wisdom is better left for ostriches and any bliss supposedly achieved by remaining ignorant of the problems that confront us is illusory. I read a post by a fellow blogger recently about the negative effect of the mere presence of money on human behavior. It seems as though simply activating the concept of money changes personal and interpersonal behavior. Here’s another psych study done at the University of Minnesota on the issue. This got me thinking about whether a society that does not place a premium on the profit motive is actually feasible. Friedman and his progeny would certainly discount this concept as the ramblings of an unsophisticated fool, but I imagine a world where the evils of envy and poverty have been permanently banished. After all, economics is not really a science, mathematical modelling of a set of assumptions is probably a more accurate description.

Far more esteemed thinkers have considered this at great length and have made some viable propositions. If you ever have the chance, I recommend you give Thomas More’s Utopia, or at least a Cliff Notes version a once over. More does a wonderful job of tracing the ills of society to ownership of private property. In the type of world he envisioned, gold and diamonds are mandatory wear for criminals. The more egregious the violation, the higher the carat count and more ostentatious nature of the adornment you are sentenced to wear. If you committed murder or crime in government office, the biggest, shiniest diamonds would be reserved for you.  In a modern application, the tech that we use for house arrest monitoring could also ensure that the embellishment would not be removed until your sentence had been served.  A “scarlet necklace” if you will. This would most certainly have an impact on our “bling” obsessed culture.

Rubies, pearls, and other gems could also be given as playthings to children, and then voluntarily discarded to signal the acquisition of literacy, the completion of kindergarten, or some other developmental milestone. Adults continuing the practice of valuing these items would therefore become the objects of derision.  Maybe I’m reaching here, but seems like it’s time for us to value ideas over shiny rocks. A species capable of contemplating the sun is soooo far beyond mere trinket worship.

I also stumbled across the following presentation about Ubuntu communities given by Michael Tellinger. What struck me as interesting was the non-material orientation of the community. It seems easy enough to reconcile with my value system.  Do you think this type of society is ever possible on a global scale? I seriously wonder whether humanity is ready to transcend its self-imposed limitations. I mean we still consider a grown man shooting a child to be a justifiable homicide. Maybe it’s just idealistic b.s., but I think the time has long since passed for this conversation to begin.

If you are thinking 1 year ahead, plant seeds

If you are thinking 10 years ahead, plant a tree

If you are thinking 100 years ahead, educate the people. – Kuan Tsu

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You be the Judge


TED and TEDX have entered the stream of public consciousness and have been marketed as non-profits dedicated to the spreading of ideas. The following is a quote taken from the TED website: We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. So we’re building here a clearinghouse that offers free knowledge and inspiration from the world’s most inspired thinkers, and also a community of curious souls to engage with ideas and each other.

I found it somewhat irreconcilable with the notion of the open dissemination of ideas therefore that TED would choose to censor two talks, one given by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and the other by Graham Hancock. If I’ve learned anything in my little stint with the humans is that you always look where you’re told not to. That’s where the good stuff usually is. Don’t worry, you’ve got 8 lives left :)

I have decided to post both videos since I believe that each is meritorious in its own right and furthermore, that the public is quite capable of discerning valid information and does not need a “regulator” to filter information and deem suitability for the public domain. It seems as though science has become somewhat dogmatic in its own right and ideas that are contrary to, or that challenge the existing paradigm must be relegated to the fringe. In the eyes of the TED directors, it may seem that some ideas must be contained.

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake – The Science Delusion

Graham Hancock – The War on Consciousness

You be the judge.

One love,


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