I don’t intend this as an indictment of any individual’s right to freely believe as he or she chooses.  I seek only to encourage an inquiry into the source of your beliefs.  The sale and promulgation of the Roman version of Yeshua’s life does not escape the clutches of free market capitalism, and if you subscribe to DirecTV (Comcast doesn’t offer Free Speech or Link TV), you can choose from over 15 channels peddling this “truth.”  In terms of dedicated bandwidth, only the Juiceman, “you’re too fat” videos and adults playing games top evangelical proselytizing.  This may not seem like something worthy of much consideration, but Judeo-Christian neoteny exerts quite a significant impact on society.  It’s therefore troubling that so many continue to apply a literal construction to this parable that attempts to explain our existence.

While the majority of society has evolved past the horned, pitchfork wielding constructions of Dante’s mind, there’s a large swath of the population that still believes the King James Bible descended from heaven with the angels in 1611.  All reasonable inquiry must be suspended as this sole text outlines the word of God and provides the ONLY path to salvation of us forlorn sinners.  This externalizing of a group of non-believers is a precursor to the “us” vs “them” dichotomous thinking that has also allowed for the prosecution of innumerable murders by men in uniform. If you’re gonna believe something, why not stick with the Jewish version of events, after all Yeshua was of that inclination.  Strict literal construction of the KJV is tantamount to believing the European and American textbooks about what happened to the native peoples of the Americas.  Ever read the U.S. version of the Iraq war?

The Abrahamic traditions as a whole, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity all ascribe to the Genesis model of creation. This construct inserts human beings into nature with a grant of authority to dominate life in the biosphere.  Man was created and placed into the “garden” as opposed to being a manifestation of the garden.  One need only look at the thinking that dominates corporate and governmental policy towards the environment for corroborating evidence. Most decision makers are comfortably with extinction, rain forest evisceration and poisoning of the air, soil and water to foster advancement of the human enterprise.  Such a profound discord between man and his environment results from a desire to exert mastery over Nature.  (I doubt it could be as simple as stupidity and greed)

This is not limited to a particular region as the tentacles of these traditions are long indeed. The reverberations of the Genesis hypothesis have run amuck on a global scale.  The dominant prevailing meta-paradigm is that we are autonomous units traversing the natural environment somehow independent from the latter. Nature and all manifestations exist only to foster advancement of the human societal machine.  While concepts are a whole lot more rarefied in abstract, without clean air, soil, or water we perish.

The now almost entirely exterminated Amerindian and aboriginal peoples lived with an implicit understanding that there was an interdependence with the environment.  These traditional shamanic cultures may not have possessed the language to articulate the theory of evolution but there existed an awareness of the underlying harmony of life on the planet.  They understood that we evolve from and with the environment.  There was a respect and reverence for the plants, the animals and the overarching web of life. Pre-literate societies inherently grasped the construct that man is the current highest expression of the Gaian mind underpinning the evolution of life.  These cultures were present-oriented and environmentally sustainable.  Then came the expansion of the European and Muslim empires and this 7 day version of events.  Africa, Asia, the Americas, wherever nautical pathways existed, proselytizing and conversion were the new order of the day.

The Bible and Koran were thrust upon the world at the end of sword and scimitar with reckless abandon.  These shamanic cultures would be marginalized, herded and systematically exterminated. Enlightenment would come in the form of morality and truth articulated by males in dresses.  For primates that emit small mouth noises to speak of truth is high order hubris.  All we have are language constructs that are used to elucidate abstractions. While a few remnants have survived the onslaught of Christianity, what remains of these Spirit aware cultures is today under assault and encroachment from McWorld and its bland progeny.

The repudiation of Nature to some position separate from mankind is an externality of Abrahamic theory.  The ability to embrace the majesty of the present and all adumbrations of the natural world would be replaced with cultures based on a sense of anticipation and a screwball theory about salvation. Forget the apple, this was the fall of man. Botanical varieties would soon become illegal and traditional plants like marijuana and peyote that peel away the dross and cleanse the doors of perception would be replaced with drugs that only serve to facilitate the problem solver mindset.  The momentary respite codified in labor contracts is even an urge to load up on caffeine.  And for the good worker bees that enrich the bourgeois coffers, feel free to overindulge in intoxicating spirits at “happy hour.” This Bud’s for you!

I love a single-malt as much as the next guy, okay you got me, a few single malts as much as the next guy, but alcohol only provides a temporary boost to the ego and facilitates no expansion of one’s consciousness. It often destroys families and health, and yet is freely peddled as the great elixir of pleasure.  Boundary dissolving plants like ayahuasca and psilocybin on the other hand, are vilified and treated as insidious threats to the fabric of society.  Eradication demands nothing less than the full force of state and federal police power. Why are we infantilized and dictated to regarding the exploration of our own consciousness?  Could these plants somehow enable an individual to pierce the veil of illusion promulgated by business and government interests? The last thing Madison Avenue wants is a conscious consumer, aware of the interconnectedness of all things, and realizing the sheer folly of paying $2500 for a handbag.  Governmental institutions have likewise spent tremendous sums of money to find some health risk posed by cannabis and have been unable to state any conclusively. (Please compare with the LD50 of children’s Tylenol, Benadryl, Ibuprofen, or any other alchemically derived remedy pushed by the drug dealers of big Pharma.)

The 20th Century may have seen the Genesis model limited to less-sophisticated segments of the globe, but the presented alternative is what Terence McKenna called the “limit test of credulity.”  I mean the idea that a being capable of self-reflection and globe spanning communication matrices could spring out of nothing for no reason whatsoever seems equally as preposterous. The “miracle” of the Big Bang is a prerequisite to the realization of any scientific truths. The scientific model acknowledges evolution, yet views it as a random occurrence. However, one need only examine the fossil record for evidence that the natural tendency of evolution is towards increasing complexity.  Life is evolving towards something and this is not random. One of the primary laws of information systems is that organization cannot exist in the absence of intelligence.  Moreover, the notion of humanity as an anomalous fluctuation seems to contradict the archaeological record.  Teleology is a branch of philosophy that is based on the principle that final causes exist in nature.  While we can shelve the grey beard Patriarch and notions of extrinsic finality, intrinsic finality holds that all life has within itself a natural tendency whereby its activity is directed towards the perfection of its own nature.  This may seem easier to reconcile with the observable evidence. There exists some undefinable power in nature that predisposes all things to come into a fulfillment of themselves.

Imho, the word “believe” signals the death knell of reason. At the point a sentient being begins to believe, he or she ceases to think critically.  My recommendation is that we eliminate the notion of belief entirely and merely entertain ideas. Our left-brain dominated culture seems oriented towards constantly changing the focus point of consciousness and this has rendered society confused. An “archaic revival” that facilitates self-reflection is necessary if we hope to avoid the fate that 95% of the species that have evolved on the planet have experienced – becoming a part of the fossil record.  There is nothing “sinful” about smoking some high grade herb and questioning the nature of your existence or using natural plant hallucinogens to explore altered states of consciousness. You owe it to yourselves to inquire into yourselves, your motivations, fears, likes, dislikes. And I think it’s Kant who encouraged that one should “act only according to that maxim whereby you can will that it should become a universal law.”

One love,


P.S. I have often wondered about the reasoning underlying armed terrorists operating with the force majeure of the state transgressing upon adult sovereignty and preventing the exploration of other states of consciousness within the confines of our own homes. Exploration of one’s consciousness is a sovereign right that does not require articulation or judicial decree for its existence. Journey inwards until space and time become as naught.


About H3nry J3kyll
Vincit omnia veritas (using an obscure Latin heraldry motto makes one seem kinda learned and distinguished).

7 Responses to LIBERATE YOUR MIND… or not

  1. “My recommendation is that we eliminate the notion of belief entirely and merely entertain ideas.”

    Great quote! I just watched Baraka, amazing documentary, and the images of fanatical people…lost in their beliefs, were just horrifying.

    • Henry Jekyll says:

      Thanks for stopping by and reading bud. Patricians seem to prey upon the public’s willingness to believe and suspension of critical analysis. Leave your soul to the church, your government to the politicians, and your home to Oprah and Dr Phil. Thanks, but I’ll pass.

  2. I agree with most of your post, especially the downsides of believe. What I disagree with is your claim that the people who first lived in the Americas had a “respect and reverence for plants and animals”. They, like most other human beings, saw that the only way they had to survive was by dominating nature. If you think this civilizations had “respect and reverence” for the environment you need to look at Tenochtitlan. This city had a larger population than any city in Spain when the Spanish arrived there, it was by all accounts a man-made city with artificial roads and islands sitting on top of a lake, which had been enlarged by humans. There are a large number of cities like Tenochtitlan all over the Americas. In North America these individuals also cleared a lot of land for agriculture, they did this by burning entire forests regularly. The burning of forests also allowed big animals of the plains to come to various places on the East Coast, animals like deer and bison were hunted by the natives. This deforestation is evidenced by the fact that there were vastly larger forests in North America in 1650 than in 1492.

    • Henry Jekyll says:

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I agree that the advancement of all civilizations require the mastery of nature to a certain degree. However, the Caribs, Arawaks, Yaqui and thousands of the tribes inhabiting the rain-forests of the Americas and Caribbean did not follow the model of the Aztec and Inca. The writings of Spanish monk Bartolome de las Casas did reference the reverence that the cultures of the Americas had for the natural environment.
      I am curious as to the source of your info regarding the comparison in 1492 and 1650 of forest sizes. I would be really interested in learning about land surveying of the North American continent prior to the Lewis and Clark expedition.

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