Bang, you got smoked sucka!!!


I would like to preface this rant by saying that it is not intended to trivialize the death of any individual that has occurred as a result of gun violence.  Honestly though, we’re out of our minds if we think imposing restrictions on card carrying members of the NRA will prevent the insane from turning the parking lot of Burger King into the next level of Call of Duty 4 Black Ops. We are a society nourished on the blood of war and our adoration of rational reductionism has debased life to series of random chemical accidents organized by several absolute physical laws.  A mechanistic culture with no respect for life and nature will experience internal reverberations of this mindset.  I am to the left of Lenin with much of my politics but see eye-to-eye with Charlton Heston on this one.  A gun is merely technology, a manifestation of man’s creative faculty. The forces that underpin rampant and reckless application of that technology is what merits closer examination.

Recently a flurry of news coverage regarding the enacting of laws aimed at limiting the 2nd Amendment has dominated the airwaves.  The powers that be are blatantly selling Americans on the notion that limiting the rights of individuals who legally purchase and own firearms, will somehow prevent the mentally disturbed from committing random acts of violence.  This is a manifestly incorrect assumption predicated on inherently flawed reasoning.  A society erecting obelisks to murder and an overall lack of humanity cannot legislate its way to peace and respect for the sanctity of life.  The overseers of decency condemn and criticize sexuality in the media, yet embrace stories and programming espousing state sanctioned killing, police atrocities, and violent displays towards others.  Dramas showing multiple murders within their allotted time slot are heralded as successes while the inadvertent display of a woman’s breast is a call to surrender the right to freedom of expression.   Am I the only one that finds this problematic? A callous society firmly entrenched in the dominator culture should expect its constituents to act accordingly.

The desensitization of an individual to violence begins in childhood.  Having been afforded an opportunity to view some “children’s T.V.” with my nephew, I am astonished at the prevalence of forceful themes presented for consumption.  Precepts presented to a subset of the population incapable of exercising any discriminatory judgment will be interwoven into the fabric of their respective thought processes.  Kids are subject to a tidal wave of violent images and ideology that engenders domination and subjugation of others before the age of ten.  Moreover, “the philosopher king” seems to have been replaced with “the brute” as the archetype of the protagonist. Characters that seem only to embrace the appetitive and spirited desires of Plato appear to occupy the majority of the bandwidth, leaving a rather thin sliver for a hero with rational wants. I humbly ask, will it not behoove the condition of man if we cultivate a desire in our children to seek knowledge and truth above all else?

The idea that these observations are meaningless since violence has always existed is erroneous.  While the assertion may be facially correct, the roles of television, film and the internet have served to exponentially increase the pervasiveness of displayed behavior grounded in domination.  It’s not surprising that a system founded on the Hobbesian philosophy of “bellum omnium contra omnes” or a “war of all against all” should embrace these themes, however, we ought not be astonished when violence is subsequently perpetrated against members of the social order.  (BTW, it’s time to bury Hobbes and his elitist Anglo view that we commoners are savages existing in a perpetual state of warfare.)

There has been a growing undercurrent within the class that Madison referred to as the “wealth of the nation” that civil rights legislation is becoming obsolete. Some are beginning to advocate the position that the U.S. has transcended its racist history.   Recently the un-elected emperors of the Supreme Court granted certiorari to cases addressing this issue.   However, nothing could be further from the truth.  Consider the following observation.  Following the shootings in Aurora and Sandy Hook where 100 people were shot, the perceived security of white, middle class America was called into question.  What resulted is that every politician from San Diego to Syracuse has jumped on the bandwagon that the 2nd. Amendment needs to be constrained in some form or fashion.  For decades however, tens of thousands have been murdered in minority communities by handguns yet the solutions presented took the form of tougher prison sentences, and a war on crime, drugs and anything else fit for a slogan.  If you foster a climate where life is not appreciated, the indiscriminate will comply by displaying a lack of respect for life. No legislative action can prevent this.

Shared traits with Connor MacCleod make it a redundancy for me to own any type of gun.  That doesn’t mean that the guarantees delineated in the Bill of Rights are of any less importance.  Given the actions taken by the legislature in the past 10 years (NDAA, Patriot Act, free speech zones, etc.) I believe that it’s incumbent upon Americans to ask why are the provisions guaranteed in the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution being systematically eviscerated.  If the shootings had occurred in Compton, Harlem, or a migrant worker community, would the men who know so little about so much be advocating an increased contraction of the Bill of Rights?  Lend me your ears, pay attention to what is being done in Washington DC supposedly on your behalf. With very few exceptions, the men who sit on both sides of the aisle have employers to whom they must report, and that cabal does not recognize general admission passes.  Examine the the sub-textual narrative before formulating your opinions as truth is never printed in legible font.  NewSpeak has run amuck…

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety – Ben Franklin

One love,



About H3nry J3kyll
Vincit omnia veritas (using an obscure Latin heraldry motto makes one seem kinda learned and distinguished).

2 Responses to Bang, you got smoked sucka!!!

  1. Jeff Nguyen says:

    Perhaps, its time for the civil rights movement to get moving again and accept that any gains won are being unraveled fast. You’re right on that gun violence only makes headlines followed by Congressional hearings when it comes to the ‘burbs. We are also being conditioned to the normalcy of a militarized police force while claiming to be the beacon of democracy the world wants to emulate…coginitve dissonance, anyone? You might like this report from Glen Ford:

  2. Henry Jekyll says:

    It’s great to know that there are others who are capable of seeing through the facade. Nice article btw. I agree that a new movement is necessary but maybe a “rebranding” is in order. After the recent co-opting of the movement by Beck and Obama, I think much of America has lost an understanding of what the civil rights movement actually represented.

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