Why limit your understanding?


(Image taken from Pink Floyd – The Darkside of the Moon)*

I had a discussion with a young family member recently and he motivated me to write this.  A lecture by Manly P. Hall that I can no longer locate also served as a compass for concretion. Hope you find it a worthy investment of your time.

Assume there are seven earths, side-by-side, all of the same size and awe-inspiring beauty.  Now at some position between these earths and the sun, there stands a giant prism.  Kinda like the one on the above Pink Floyd album art.  This device acted such that the light of the sun would be filtered according to the governing principles of optics and exactly one color would illuminate one earth.  There would be no overlap, and no resident of any earth could see that the light was different on any sister planet. Furthermore, none are  mindful of the prism.  While there exists an awareness of the existence of the other spheres, the residents have not yet developed the technological sophistication to travel to, or communicate with the residents of the other earths.

So what results is that one earth is illuminated by red light, one by orange, one yellow, green, blue, indigo, and finally violet luminescence.  No inhabitant of any planet being aware that any other color of light exists but the one directly perceivable.

Much like us, the peoples of these earths were generally amiable, cheerful folks with similar tendencies and curiosities.  There were those who sought to understand by what wondrous workings of the world did this life giving elemental form befall their planet.  The peoples of green-light earth studied green light, the people of red light earth studied red light, indigo world indigo light, violet world violet light and so forth.  Through the progression of time, each group undoubtedly gains an understanding of the wavelength which illuminates its world. However, until each becomes aware of the existence and properties of the other wavelengths, an accurate understanding of the true nature of light CANNOT be realized.  Research conducted on each color may provide a sliver of understanding, but an overarching wisdom shall remain elusive.

Now if we apply this metaphor to our quest to understand the principle harmony underlying our universe, I think we can enhance our position.  After all, isn’t the ultimate quest of humanity one of truthful realization?  We seek knowledge and understanding of that from which flows the principles of all manifestation.  Consider the following scenario of seven students and their respective paths to gnosis.  Each is symbolic of the inhabitants of our hypothetical planets and their study of light.

Student 1 believes that the path to truthful realization lies only in mathematics, chemistry and physics. In his world view, existence is constrained by quantifiability.

Student 2 believes truthful realization is uncovered only in religious books, rituals, and the promise of salvation. We are basically sinners in the hands of an angry God. Confess your sins or do not pass Go, do not collect $200.  His temple of belief is built upon the premise that the underlying conscious force in the universe is limited by human feelings and emotions.

Student 3 limits his truthful path to one of introspective consideration that rests only in meditation and yoga. He seeks wisdom through asceticism and an avoidance of life.

Student 4 believes that his wisdom can only be derived through an understanding of psychology and sociology.  The Holy Grail here is limited to the workings of the mind and its societal interactions.

Student 5 pursues understanding through a detailed study of nature, biology, DNA and the pilgrimage of life through matter. Consequently, the mysteries of the universe can only be comprehended through life in the biosphere.

Student 6 uncovers an awareness of the truth through assiduous study of art, the humanities, and arcane philosophical wisdom. He operates under the constraint of historical utopianism i.e. things were better back when….

Student 7 refuses to acknowledge that white light exists. Until he can see that the light is different on the other planets, he remains steadfast that nothing exists outside his limited wavelength band and defines his existence by materialism.

These seven positions are offered to serve as a reminder of the restraints we impose on our minds if we choose to operate under one construct of reality. While each is capable of providing a degree of illumination concerning the unfolding of truth, each is a limitation in an of itself.

(Superman is a registered trademark of DC Comics)*

If we seek to imbue our lives with the richest understanding of the truths underlying our existence, limited adherence to any singular field of study will serve only to retard our efforts.  The goal of releasing the Ubermensch is one that demands the embracing of all incarnations of Sophia. Do not lock you selves into regimented thinking whereby YOUR perceived view of the nature of things is the ONLY correct one.  Say nothing of relying upon one book or one school of thought (as is common with many today) as the only authoritative source. Broadening the scope of one’s inquiry shall serve to further his or her understanding of First Principles.

One love.


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