Let thy foods be thy medicine…


The notion that “you are what you eat” is an aphorism descended from antiquity that’s largely been ignored by those engaged in the frenetic pace of 21st Century life.  Our ancestors have validated these laws over generations and it’s probably a good idea for us to heed these un-codified precepts.  When the only consistently growing component of GDP, year in year out is healthcare, something seems amiss.  But what exactly is healthcare?  Usually healthcare costs are a measure of the infirmity of a population and annual cost increases generally indicate that the needs of the population are expanding.

Logically speaking, only an increasing number of sick and dying people would lead to an increase in the demand for more healthcare services.  Even if we adjust for population growth, immigration and other statistically significant variables, there still seems to be an ever lengthening list of maladies plaguing the population at large.  (This is an overly simplistic assessment of the etiology of rising healthcare costs.  The sleight of hand executed by insurance companies via President Bush’s prescription plan for seniors is not considered here. Health and Human Services cannot negotiate prices with drug companies by law. Consequently, it costs almost 70 percent more for prescription drugs in the Medicare program than through the Veteran’s Administration).

Over the last century, allopathic practitioners and pharmaceutical manufacturers have attempted to assure us that they alone hold the key to healing and wellness.  Naturopathy, nutrition, and other holistic practices are often not recognized as efficacious treatment modalities.   However, outside the realm of surgical therapy, the modern medical paradigm offers few “cures.”  Allopathic medicine is grounded in symptom suppression, hence your survival becomes dependent on your ability to purchase pills for the duration of your life.  Drugs are quite useful in treating pathogen based illness, but the sphere of influence is largely limited to these infectious agents.

Those who suffer with auto-immune health problems become all too aware of these shortcomings related to the practice of medicine.  Auto-immune problems arise from an improper immune response in the body but the term is often applied as a catch all provision for many illnesses lacking an identifiable origin.  Our children are developing illnesses such as asthma, cancer, diabetes, eczema and a host of other ailments at far too early ages.  And what’s even more troubling, is that the causes of these illnesses remain largely unknown.  Is it remotely possible that the nutrient depleted, over-processed, meat heavy diets promulgated by popular culture are having significantly broader impacts on the health of the population at large than we think?

Aristotelian logic is not necessary to deduce that you only hide something that needs to be hidden.  It is astonishing that companies like Monsanto use the legal system and manipulate the legislative process to avoid disclosing that food is genetically modified.  Japan, the E.U., and a great many other countries have banned GMOs, yet corporations oppose proper labeling of the foods we consume.  Studies are beginning to surface indicating that GMOs are not as benign as advertised.  IMHO, a more accurate description is that GMOs are an outright threat to the vitality of life.  C’mon man, the safety of the food we consume is almost as important as the pending nuptials of one of the Kardashian sisters.  A little coverage of this issue is not too outrageous of a demand.  The major news networks are silent about the virulent impacts to life presented by food that has been genetically modified in violation of the great pattern of universal procedure.


Finger lickin’ good???

Another significant safety concern stems from the meat produced for consumption on large factory farms.  Upton Sinclair would probably roll in his grave if he learned that we’ve enacted “Ag-gag” laws here in America.  Tyson, Cargill and other players lobby Congress for these gems of legislative wisdom. What results is the criminalizing of investigative journalists and animal protection advocates who attempt to document the rampant food safety and animal welfare abuses within the industrial animal farm system.   Once again I must ask, if no threat to my well-being exists, then why the need for secrecy?  The E.U. and Japan have banned both anti-biotic use to stimulate growth in meat production and the practice of feeding animal remains to livestock.  Thus, it’s highly unlikely that international competitors would be interested in stealing our “trade secrets.” Is it therefore the intent of the legislature to prevent us from knowing what we eat?  You may draw your own conclusions.  I simply thought that old McDonald would always be delighted to show us his bountiful fields and thriving animals. E.I.E.I.O.

The Great Work of the alchemical tradition is the path to the philosopher’s stone.  This highly coveted object supposedly enabled the practitioner to transmute base metals into gold.  However, these allegorical explanations were proffered to ensure that the alchemist did not become the target of the Vatican’s wrath. The latter sought to remain the unopposed proxy for heaven, and to be the only approved broker of soul and spirit related affairs.  Alchemists however, were interested in a lot more than transmutation of metals. The transmutation of man is a more accurate description of the Great Work.  The majesty of the body did not escape their understanding as the human form is symbolic of the philosopher’s stone.

DNA directs our remarkable ability to transmute base substances (food), into the gold elixir of life.  The body completely alters a thing from what it is into something completely different.  The digestion of food is a spectacular transformation of elements through instantaneous adaptation of certain principles to special uses not originally intended.  This is alchemy. Food ingested should therefore nourish, vitalize, and advocate the principles of life. Food grown from seeds designed to die after germination would serve to inhibit the pilgrimage of life through matter.  Meat processed with arsenic and chlorine would also seem to limit this objective.


A well-nourished human is capable of displaying his “divine” attributes in the presence of sunlight and air.  If we input avocados, nuts, and bread, the body performs its miraculous transmutation into life force with no conscious effort, and we output art, philosophy, mathematics and music. This magical ability bestowed upon man is not dependent on race, socio-economics, gender or any other characteristic.  Whether a random evolutionary quirk or a boon bestowed by that from which all things arise, it belongs to each and every one of us.  Use the wealth of info available on diet and nutrition on the internet to ensure optimal functioning of the body.  Nurture yourselves well and let your creativity abound. Remember, you are what you eat.

One love,



About H3nry J3kyll
Vincit omnia veritas (using an obscure Latin heraldry motto makes one seem kinda learned and distinguished).

8 Responses to Let thy foods be thy medicine…

  1. Jeff Nguyen says:

    One means of dominating the population is by controlling the food supply, just ask the Cherokees, Hopis, et al.

  2. Henry Jekyll says:

    Thanks for commenting Jeff. The Native American populations are always a good illustration of the array of atrocities humans are capable of perpetrating. Western Europeans took ethnic cleansing to new heights in the great tragedy of the Americas. Even today, the Native Americans are dealt shrinking social service crumbs while AIPAC is handed a blank check.

  3. janineyork says:

    Great article! Have you seen the documentaries Food Inc and Hungry for Change? They both address this issue very well. Monsanto is the devil! It is so very scary what they put in our food, how they cover it up and buy off the FDA and we are all being poisoned. Even when we think we are eating healthy we are being poisoned by the seeds that are being planted. They own the seeds, that is crazy!!! Maybe someday we will actually get a government strong enough to stand against these giants in the food industry, I fear not though. I know I will be long gone by then. Keep up the good work though. I sign every petition in front of me to have this change. I try to buy local from farmers markets and avoid corn and soy which are the seeds that Monsanto owns the rights to. Meat, wow, that is just a whole monster of an industry in itself. The animals rights violations as well as the antibiotics and other hormones being pumped into them that we in turn ingest. It is all so very scary, and pretty easy to see why healthcare costs and disease are rising!

    • Henry Jekyll says:

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I must agree with everything said. Those are some eye-opening documentaries btw. If you get the opportunity, I also recommend Frankensteer. Keep fighting the good fight and sharing what you have learned with others. Knowledge is empowering but with the demands placed upon our time, it’s sometimes quite difficult to get accurate info. Sure as hell can’t depend on “news” outlets.

  4. janineyork says:

    I will definitely check out Frankensteer. Those always infuriate me though, the ones that not only show how we are being poisoned, but that also show the cruelty inflicted on the animals that are treated like a crop. Like they aren’t sentient beings, but just to be mass produced with no regard for life.. I know that our news outlets are all slanted to one party and controlled by the government pretty much, so I take what they say with a grain of salt. I subscribe to the National Post for my news as well as try to get news from European sources like BBC and I dig up as much as possible online. I am so glad to find sites like yours to get honest knowledge too, it helps when someone else does the research and you can just go read and find out what you need to know. So thank you for your contribution to my knowledge base haha. I will check back soon to catch up! Wishing you nothing but peace and love- Janine

  5. cindy knoke says:

    There is a cage free chicken operation near the holler. It is horrific and we pay extra for this! People have no idea how appalling US farming business is. Chickens are rammed in so tightly they cannot move. I have thought of posting photos of them being packed alive for shipping but it is too distressing. Eating animals treated like this must contribute to human disease.

    • H3nry J3kyll says:

      Thx for chiming in Cindy. If we ignore the obvious plight of the animals for a moment, the stress on the local ecosystems where these farms are located is enough cause for concern. But, the 2 for 2 Big Macs have become dietary staples. I like the “slow food” movement that’s beginning to gain some momentum. Maybe changes are around the corner?

      I agree with your decision not to post the photos. Your blog is a refuge for the soul and I’m all for places of beauty. :)

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