There’s a natural mystic blowing thru the air.

The last 2000 years have bore witness to the ascension of mythology and the involuntary cuckolding of the truth where man’s existence is concerned.  Both Eastern and Abrahamic traditions alike have become clouded and muddled with metaphor and myth mistakenly marked as mandate.  Renowned comparative religion scholar Joseph Campbell wrote extensively on the power of mythology, and humanity’s embracing of this mythology and neglecting of its underpinning truth.

Mankind has replaced the connection to the Gaian Mind w/ an edifice to ego. This insatiable beast demands constant gratification and is never fulfilled. For proof, one needs only look at the appetites of society- war, violence, sex, misogyny and self-exaltation at the expense of our bretheren. This harmonizes perfectly with both myth centered hierarchical religious doctrine and consumer capitalism 2.0.  Never satisfied and constantly demanding more, we slave as rats in the race to keep up with the Jones’.  Our hubris is at an apex.  We believes that nature is ours to subjugate. This ego is housed in the temple of rationality and constructed upon the house of cards we call science.  At its core, merely a patchwork of incomplete and imperfect theories. This is the primary reason why the rules governing the observable world cannot be harmonized with those of the quantum world. We can manipulate electricity and magnetism but these are only phenomena of the physical world. Cloning and manipulation of DNA have caused those who kneel at the empirical altar to erroneously believe that man holds the key to creating life. Only through union with woman will this ever accomplished. Man may borrow life from that which already exists, but the ability to create it through the alchemical processes of chemistry shall forever elude him.

Our hubris and misguided faith in traditions entrenched in mythology have led to turmoil in all spheres of existence. Every life system on the planet is in decline.  Sex, shopping, stimulants, depressants, and a host of insatiable “demons” plague the existence of man as he attempts to fill the void within his soul. (I deliberately did not use the word “drugs” as we have been erroneously conditioned to include marijuana, ayahuasca, peyote, coca, and other medicinal plants in our mental construct of drugs.)  We are bestowed with the ability to contemplate the heavens yet place a premium on shiny earth stones while wars and suffering rage.  Only through a re-connection with Spirit can we reveal the beauty that is humanity and fill the void within each of us till our “cup runneth over.”  Utopia is possible if we embrace the natural mystic that is our connection to the Spirit and develop a Utopian mindset.

“The people have ah voice inside them, they need to listen to” – Robert Nesta Marley.  If we cease the irrational torments of matter, we can listen and reforge this connection to Spirit.  Some who have embraced Christ or Krishna Consciousness  have transcended the mythology of their respective faiths and accomplished this re-connection.  The nature of organized religion is such that these practitioners believe that it is ONLY via their “special” deity this is possible, hence the call to conversion.  This is manifestly wrong.   It is possible for each and every one of us.  All we need do is listen.

One love,



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