An irrational ordering of reality?


“We have only 35 Chambers. There is no 36.”

“I know that but I want to create a new Chamber.”

“Oh and what would that be?”

- The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

Greetings my fellow apertures of the Cosmic Giggle!

I’m always thrilled when my listening to something inspires the sharing of a lexiconic flow streamed directly from the implicate order. You may not share my enthusiasm when reading amigos, lol, but who knows, maybe you might agree with the general thrust.  Consensus is tough to achieve these days, so I’ll settle for a tacit nod in agreement.  I’m certainly not oblivious of the fact that you don’t follow hgd for a purely rational ordering of reality.  Hey c’mon now, an occasional break from learning Kaio-ken with King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  All work – no play – dull boy and all.

With Rome in a chaotic frenzy as the excesses of empire have returned home to roost and Romulus Augustulus articulating moral “outrage” over a dead journalist as justification to slaughter more brown people, my hypocrisy meter has been set to berserk.  How soon we forget who annihilated the sovereign state of Iraq, slaughtered a million people in two countries in aggressive acts of war and bombed the Al Jazeera press building after being notified of its coordinates.   I get really tired of the hypocritical calculus of capitalist morality and the West articulating its version of self-determination, by force I might add, to other groups around the world. Especially when wrapped in neoliberal market ideology and served with a side-order of gmo seeds.  I think it necessary to preempt any accusation of endorsing compelled collectivism at this juncture by adding that I don’t respond well to hortatory propaganda or centralized planning either. Today however, I’m compelled to change the vibe as the innermost witness of all cognition has beckoned a different subject to share with you guys and dolls.

In systems theory there are no immutable laws as things must be comprehended within a temporal framework.  So for example the “laws” at this present time would not have been as we understand them one pico-second after the big bang. Ever wonder what exactly went bang btw?  I heard somewhere that science always seems to need one miracle and then it can take care of the rest.  But it’s as Goethe elegantly inquired, “How from no-thing the primal thing arose?” That’s really the million dollar question – how did something intelligent arise from nothing.  When I read Goethe’s eloquence,  it becomes so evident as to why I cannot consider what I do as writing folks.  Info dispenser– yes, writer- not really.  If you would enjoy reading the rest of the verse, please click here.

But where I was going with the laws is that we tend to take concepts as static, unchanging principles that eternally bind us.  Once you add a temporal dimension however, these static principles become dynamic.  Dynamic principles both influence and are influenced by the evolution of the system.  Now in any dynamic system, symmetry breaks are the fundamental requirement for change and progress.  Methinks some psychic symmetry breaks would be right on time to aid those trapped in a somnambulatory state of being. Symmetry breaks are fundamental to the evolution of any system.  And you my fellow voyagers, are a system.  A rather grand system if I do say so, but a system nonetheless.  Symmetry breaks of the psyche, especially when voluntarily undertaken can have remarkably profound results.  Symmetries typically serve normative roles and are constraints on any position.  In order to evolve, the symmetries must therefore be broken.  So why not tweak your reality tunnel some, and try to exist with an alternate version of events?  Break the mold so to speak.

Take Jehovah for a spin or try atheism if the fella in the sky has got you under pressure.  If you’re a libertarian, try Marxist philosophy.  If you’re a Marxist, holla at Herbert Spencer and Ron Paul.  See how fundamentally upending the beliefs most closely linked with self-definition affect your moment by moment existence.  I learned this from King Kai yesterday and it seems apropos so I’ll pass it on.  Try to validate the antithesis of every thesis upon which your world view is based.  But be honest with yourself like a chess-player learning the game by playing both sides and making the best possible move with the opposite colored pieces.  Confirmation bias is only going to thwart the purpose of the exercise and ultimately any possible growth.

I’ve been trying to consciously conceptualize myself as a process until it becomes the default position.  Typically we conceive of ourselves as a static “I” to which some external reality is happening. What if we were to break the symmetry and conceptualize the self as a process?  A continuous cosmic flow of becoming.  The goal is to eviscerate the “I” and “not I” distinction and consciously perceive a dynamic entity with no repeatability of experience whatsoever.  I believe the word coined by Joe Marshalla was “repeatlessness.” A corollary that would also logically follow is that you therefore define yourself by how you relate to other processes.

It’s been shown that you impact another person’s physiology my merely being present in the same vicinity. When you begin to exchange small mouth noises to communicate archetypal constructs it becomes all the more evident, but it does not require escalation to the verbal level of exchange for the effect to occur.  Processes are continuously exchanging information although most fail to rise to the level of conscious awareness.  The power of words or intended effects therefore become all the more evident.  I guess it’s as the wise ones say, if you can’t say something in such a way that the other person feels good upon receiving it, then it is better to practice noble silence and not say anything at all.  Try to see yourself in the other person’s position so to speak.

When you realize that you and every other expression of matter is in a continuous process of becoming, then reality assumes an entirely new character.   A view of reality based on a dynamic relation between components versus static individual properties bound by laws can actually be traced back to Heisenberg, so I think my bases are pretty well covered.  If you focus on how you relate to others and the feedback loop involved in your evolution versus a static ordering of things, it’s impossible not to develop a more benevolent personal ethic.  You become like water.  It’s as Bruce said, “Put water in a cup, it becomes the cup, put water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle.”

I’ll leave you with this compadres –  Attention drives transformation.  For example, if you pay attention to your breath, breathing improves.  If you pay attention to the self through self observation, then the self improves.  Here’s a fun practical exercise to improve cognition of the indweller. This is taken from a book I shared some time back, Gurdjieff Unveiled by Seymour Ginsburg.  In case you missed it, click here for more.  If you practice regular mindfulness and can add to this exercise, by all means, please jump in.  I think that self observation should be practiced by everyone as the benefits to the voice of the silence are rather profound. Man know thyself and you will know all.

In the old days many people said grace before meals but this is tantamount to the same thing.  If you eat 3 times a day, there are 21 opportunities for this exercise during the course of a week.  How ever many times you eat is fine though.  Before each meal call attention to yourself and state your intention. Take a few seconds and realize that you are about to undertake the sacred process of nourishing your self.  For instance, right now you are reading and can direct your awareness to the fact that you are reading.  Try to do the same thing before you eat.  Call attention to your self and what you’re about to do.  I use the word “try” because I thought this quite difficult.  While I’ve worked my way up to roughly 15 or so times per week, I think 2, maybe 3 out of 21 in the 1st week.  At the end of each week, review just how many times you actually remembered the practice.  If you voluntarily adopt this exercise, forgetting will tell you quite a bit about your state of presence and attentiveness.

Feel free to keep me posted on your progress Argonauts.  And keep in mind that failure tells us more about our level of consciousness than success ever will. Success only leads to preservation of the status quo.

Here’s a little symmetry tweaking adventure into the eargasmic for your enjoyment.  Bubbles always has the best Kaio-ken training music. Hey, where’s the fun in a rational ordering of reality? All reality is virtual after all

One love,


Sunday Matinee: Esoteric Alchemy – Transformation of Attitudes

Aspirants of Avalon,

You know I couldn’t leave you hangin’ today amigos.  Thought I’d flip the script a bit though and share an audio lecture that crossed my path.  When Cicero wrote that the death of men does not imply the death of their doctrines but the loss of authoritative exponent, he surely didn’t contemplate the capacity to record sound and the triple W.  For us lucky bastards, these Promethian boons have put the entire compendium of human knowledge a mere mouse-click away and often exponentially increased the exponent of great contributors to the human endeavor.  I thought my fellow wanderers of the Bifrost would enjoy this share today.

Several years ago, my old friend Lemuel introduced me to the teachings of Manly P. Hall.  That’s the cool thing about people who travel widely, their travels usually introduce them to peculiar notions often bereft of any limitations of the cultural milieu.  I hate to beat a dead horse folks, but I’m compelled to continuously reinforce the notion that culture is only a series of artificial constructs superimposed upon the essence of the self to drive consumerism.  Diamonds are no more symbolic of love than the police symbolize justice. It’s as Baudrillard wrote, simulacra is not the real. We’ll leave those who actually do the superimposing for another day however.

Being introduced to Manly P. Hall was a cool drink of iced tea on a sweltering summer afternoon.  His contributions to the human experiment certainly blasted open my doors of perception. For you folks who’ve ridden the Ghost Train for a while, I’ve often referenced his writing in my shares.  Although mostly restatements of doctrines that have existed for millennia, for a gen X-er like myself, it was rather stimulating to unearth information related to the Eye of Thundera.

This is a great lecture on the subject of Alchemy that I feel some of you will appreciate. Hall is well conversant on this and a great many other subjects related to the esoteric.  Travel the path of self-knowledge well voyagers and practice crescent moon Mind. Full moons tend to wane.

One love,



Sunday Matinee: The Men of the Fifth World

Hujambo Midgardians!

Resistance is Futile – Borg maxim

I think it was Kant who wrote about the futility of one trying to perceive that which exists without use of his or her perceptive apparatus. If it comes from a doyen of philosophy like Mr. Kant, then I definitely feel okay about my little spiel. Although he wasn’t specifically referring to cultural biases, it follows that we cannot evaluate any information presented outside the perceptual framework with which we understand the world.  Our impressions, both sensory and mental, are often colored by a lot more than we may initially concede – conditioning, fears, cultural norms, dietary prejudices, etc. Thus, when viewing these programs about indigenous cultures, it’s important not to apply our value judgments to create hierarchical comparisons when evaluating any custom.

I’ll leave you with this compadres.  Although the Borg are right and it’s impossible to remain untainted from the march of empire, there are certain precepts that only naiveté would prevent us from incorporating within the fabric of our own cultural narrative. Concepts like societal organization around mutual-aid and harmony with the ecosystems that sustain us are quite meritorious. Who knows, maybe the way to subvert the machine is to introduce the reality tunnels of these tribal cultures as sub-routines within the system? I’ll leave the spiritual considerations for an individual assessment. Enjoy!

One love,


Surrendered humanity?

Explorers of the Intermundi,

Check out this vid homeys -

I’ll not opine on this from a geopolitical perspective as such is naught but the will of colonial powers. If my assertion appears facially dubious, our friend Mr. Ban Ki Moon and his predecessor were relatively less that paper tigers when attempting to reconcile the geopolitical position on torture with the continuing policies at Guantanamo. And, I’m also quite sure that history is replete with examples of this big stick bravado where ever “the sun didn’t set” during the previous two centuries. Today however, I wanted to conduct an inquiry from an alternative perspective.

The wise ones say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Truthfully folks, I’ve seen more of a soul present in archival footage of Ted Bundys’ eyes than in those of Ms. Albright. My question is, how does this happen? When do compassion and humanity depart from a person’s heart? Is this a predisposed propensity as the Ponerologists proffer, or is it a gradual unfolding? Or, does a person suddenly awaken to consider the sacrifice of innocents acceptable? How does one innately imbued with the divinity of maternal compassion arrive at this point?

Ask yourself if you could rest peacefully knowing that you were endorsing the large scale murder of children? I surely couldn’t. Heck, I conduct an inner monologue before killing a spider. Lol. Okay, maybe I’m atypical in this regard, but could you? (Btw, watch a spider build a web and then ask yourself whether you could kill it without acknowledging its life and intelligence.)

At what point does a person surrender his or her humanity for the pragmatic considerations of the machine? In the case at bar, I imagine that it must be a gradual discarding as the hard-wired maternal instinct must surface at some prior point in the maturation process.  Assuming reptilian shape shifters share similar developmental cues with humans, I’d like to think that a pre-pubescent Madeline simulating family dynamics with Barbie and Ken could no more sanction the mistreatment of the neighborhood mongrel, far less children on the other side of the globe. I’d prefer to avoid acknowledging that Gordon Gecko was right and the progeny of W.A.S.P. society value animals more than people. Besides, such over-broad generalizations offend my sensibilities.

Or, is my inquiry misguided as the consideration of non-Caucasoid peoples as subhuman, when fused with the relative morality of modernity, allows Madeline to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to her own children before kissing their foreheads at night, with no pangs of conscience whatsoever?

I’ll leave you to ponder the above on a positive note as a bowl is useful because it is empty.  We should therefore thank the former Secretary for instruction by adverse inference.  In other words, thank you for showing us the character traits that we should not, nor should we teach our children to aspire to.

As usual, I’d love any cogitations you may wish to share as Amaurot is no fun for a party of one.  Enjoy these contemplation vibrations amigos.

One love,


Sunday Matinee: Ancient Mystery of the Archons

Plebeians, Patricians, and Pleiadians,

I thought I’d deliver our Sunday usual before heading off to Jedi training at 221B Baker Street.

Achieving immortality renders you largely immune to programming but doesn’t diminish your empathic capacity, on the contrary, it increases. It’s been 21 days now that Israel has continued its ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian land. Three weeks of hellfire and brimstone raining from the heavens on a group of men, women, and children fenced in like cattle. This is both a novelty in modern warfare and a genocide being executed with the full faith and credit of Washington. 24 hr bombing, no water, no food, medical aid denied, U.N. shelter bombed, need I continue? And please compadres, don’t fall for the simple-minded ruse articulated by the corporate propaganda machine that conflates the Hebrew people with the state apparatus that is Israel.

Barbaric Zionism CANNOT be equated with the practitioners of the Jewish faith.  Furthermore, using the horrendous plight of the Jews in the 20th Century to advance an agenda of Middle East destabilization is both reprehensible and a wretched attempt at manipulation.  I know the John of Patmos crowd will definitely like this one – and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan (Rev 2:9).  Looks like my father was right, even the devil can quote scripture.

While criticism of Israel is usually tantamount to professional suicide, such limitations are inapplicable to winged charioteers. The WCLU has carved a nice exception for its members. I guess now you see why the establishment despises organized labor folks. A “people without a land finding a land without a people” is a hegemonic, entrenched mythology articulated and reinforced by the Perfidious Albion and Yankee Doodle. THERE WERE PEOPLE LIVING IN PALESTINE for all 2000 years prior to 1948!

I am no anti Semite and readily support a two state solution, but ever ask yourself why one has never been achieved? And why the fellas who almost brokered a resolution, Anwar Sadat and Yitzhak Rabin were both assassinated?  Hmmm, some 3rd party has always seemed to be operating subversively behind the scenes. Maybe the boys at Baker Street will know more. The good doctor and the detective usually have their fingers on the pulse of Capitalism’s Invisible Army.

Since Rabin, these neocon/ neoliberal statesmen, and I use the term “statesmen” very liberally, have been in charge with free reign.  They’ve continuously defied the U.N. with an illegal blockade of Gaza, executed multiple unprovoked acts of aggression, and slowly suffocated the descendants of the people who initially welcomed their ancestors in the late 1800’s – the first wave of Jewish return to Palestine. For some rather bizarre reason unbeknownst to me however, Israel somehow manages to get the one obstruction vote from a certain permanent member of the U.N. Security Council that prevents any issues related to their illegality of their conduct from reaching the General Assembly.

(**Extra credit assignment – Articulate the difference between neo-con and neoliberal ideology. Just gotta love Newspeak lol)

Ah, but you didn’t stop by my cyber-crib for poli-tricks. Check out the work of Illan Pappe, Norman Finkelstein, and Noam Chomsky if you seek some balance to Faux News and the Crony Broadcasting Service on Israeli-Palestine relations.

Now on to the fun stuff.  I’ve been thinking about what underpins the mindset of men who display what Roger Waters called “the bravery of being out of range.” The orchestration of brutality from the cool comfort of air-conditioned offices sans any change in physiological response is something that I simply have problems wrapping my head around. At least the stooges of yore led the charge on the battlefield. This is a different animal entirely. You know something tribe, it’s gotta be pathological. So the logical question that would naturally follow is – infected by what? That’s where today’s share comes in.  John Lash’s interpretations of the Gnostic teachings are interesting to say the least. As far as belief goes, how about a nice quote by the Swiss mystic instead? (calling Master Jung a therapist is like referring to sex as reproduction) P.L.U.R. amigos.

 – “The word “believe” is a difficult thing for me. I don’t believe; I must have a reason for a certain hypothesis. Either I know a thing; and when I know it, I don’t need to believe it. If I don’t allow myself, for instance, to believe a thing just for sake of believing it. I can’t believe it! But when there are sufficient reasons for a certain hypothesis, I shall accept these reasons naturally.” – Carl Jung

One love,


Sunday Matinee: Entheogen – Awakening the Divine Within

Guten Tag Olympians!

For once a share that actually comports with the definition of matinee. Lol

I think my fellow seekers of the super-sensory subtlety will certainly find this one stimulating.

An occasional detour from the problem-solver mindset is necessary for sanity preservation as you mediate between the realms of archetype and matter.  Remember that you are glorious beings enjoying a garden planet amigos, and you’re entitled to all the ecstasies associated with such an experience. A legitimate governing apparatus would facilitate your conscious expansion, not suppress and constrain.  It’s also no coincidence that the expansion of consciousness and mind sought through the psychedelic experience during the 60’s, occurred in the same space and time as the evolution of the personal computer – the ultimate tool to expand the faculties of the human mind. Besides, coincidence is but a name for law unrecognized.

Not much soap-boxing today however, I’ll just let you get to the feature. Hope you enjoy.

One love,


Share the Wealth: The Idyll of the White Lotus by Mabel Collins


white lotus

What’s shakin’ Soul Rebels?!

Before we get to the fun stuff, I’ve purposely procrastinated putting pen to paper to provide you any pot-luck pontifications as of late partners. The topics usually addressed by yours truly just seem like idle idiocy when you examine the state of affairs confronting people in every corner of the globe – Palestine, Chiapas, Africa, Brazil, and of course, the home of the hot dog eating contest. Billions for bullets while water is no longer viewed as a basic human right? smh  As Israel molds Manifest Destiny in its own image, I must wonder whether Benito Juarez and Sitting Bull were similarly branded as “terrorists” as the historical narrative unfolded. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as the saying goes. There’s a great essay on the current status of the Palestinian genocide that a fellow blogger recently brought to my attention, click here for more.

For all men, women and children that choose to die on their feet rather than live on their knees in the face of wretched persecution, your stories do not always go unheard amigos. Not everyone is interested in watching a mass debasing of the digestive facility while children go to bed hungry within earshot of the resultant retching from rapidly eating entrails wrapped in a bun and topped with relish and mustard.

Whew! I had to get that off my chest.

If some two millenia ago Juvenal had failed to urge the inquiry “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” or “Who will guard the guardians?”, the timeless corruptibility of power seeking men may quite likely have remained somewhat obscure. Ergo, given the inherent corruption that plagues all systems of governance, one unfamiliar with such literature may likely posit that the reptilian shape-shifters really have seized control over the minds of the powers that be. This plot could be easily facilitated through a system of operant conditioning whereby anti–human values are positively reinforced via a brainwashing apparatus. Or as colloquially referenced, – an institution of higher learning.  But such fanciful postulates aside, ever peruse the curriculum of a random graduate school of management?

Trust me folks, the focus is squarely on reinforcing yield maximization and not facilitating the blossoming of human potential. The people aren’t necessarily bad, they’ve just been taught that humans are a resource to be used much like a AAA battery. Management training schools do not readily extol humanitarian values in the instructive process as these often cannot be readily reconciled with the pursuit of profit. Methinks that this doesn’t bode well for this human experiment as these institutions are the crucibles in which the decision makers of tomorrow are forged.  Hmmm, let’s see, poison the drinking water of an indigenous population or pay the costs of safe and appropriate waste disposal?

Well, it’s no secret how the fluffers of the corporate phallus align themselves on that and similar issues when the well being of people come into conflict with the profit motive. For you special people out there who reject this model and realize that you don’t manage individuated units of production but instead manage fathers, mothers and brothers, and that profound consequences arise from the decisions that you make, I sincerely admire and applaud your position (you know who you are, wink wink!). These are the folk I call the “Leaders of the New School” as the service model of leadership is definitely a monumental step in the right direction.

Before we progress any further I also wanted to express gratitude to my blogospheric kin who indulge my occasional Hyde Park soapbox routine. It’s nice to know that my ideas resonate with folks besides the Artful Dodger and the other Jedi here in Hyperborea. That being said, what I really wanted to share today was a little gem in the public domain I stumbled across while searching for a map to Shambhala. You know the drill peeps, always free and short. I thought about adding “impactful” to the list of criteria for this series, but it’s too subjective an abstraction for my liking. One man’s meat is another’s poison as they say.

This little book is a real treat especially when illumined by the suggested commentary. I’ll link to both at the end.  My position has always been grounded in the individual apprehension of truth thus any understanding I may share will only skew your reading of the text. So there’ll be no marring with my musings compadres. As with other parts of this series, I’ll provide a few brief quotes to ignite your interest.  If not your cup of tea, I wish you the utmost success on your journey of self discovery. Life after all is but a vehicle of interior transformation.

The Idyll of the White Lotus was written by Mabel Collins and published in the late 19th Century.  Esoteric symbolism aside (see Rao’s commentary), it‘s a fun narrative about an Egyptian hierophant and has been described by the publishers as:

“[A} story told in all ages, and among every people. It is the tragedy of the soul. Attracted by desire, it stoops to sin; brought to itself by suffering, it turns for help to the redeeming spirit within and in the final sacrifice achieves its apotheosis and sheds a blessing on mankind. It is a story of initiation written in tender and beautiful language, and bears on its face the stamp of verdicity in simplicity and dignity.”

From the text:

“There are three truths which are absolute, and which cannot be lost, but yet may remain silent for lack of speech.

“The soul of man is immortal, and its future is the future of a thing whose growth and splendor has no limit.

“The principle which gives life dwells in us, and without us, is undying and eternally beneficent, is not heard or seen or smelt, but is perceived by the man who desires perception.

“Each man is his own absolute lawgiver, the dispenser of glory or gloom to himself; the decreer of his life, his reward, his punishment.”

Pretty heavy stuff huh?

Links: The Idyll of the White Lotus by Mabel Collins

T. Subba Rao’s commentary on the text, click here

Till we meet again, guide your lives by compassion and truth amigos, and remember -Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

One love,


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